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Fairy Tail Part 15 Review****-

Cert 12 | 10 x 22 mins | 2015

4 Star

Aspirations of being number One.

A-1 Pictures  (Sword Art Online, Sword Art Online II, World Conquest: Zvezda Plot, Magi: The Kingdom of Magic) continues the saga of the Grand Magic Games and it is all  coming to a head as season 6 comes to a close.

It’s day three of the Grand Magic Games and the Fairy Tail Guild have made it up to forth place after their disastrous first day. Their day wasn’t as bad as Yukino’s as she is disgraced and humiliated by her Guild leader, master Jiemma and is expelled from the Saber Tooth Guild. Unknown to Natsu and the rest of Fairy Tail she wanders the streets crying to herself. But Natsu finally catches up with her and discovers the truth and he is not impressed that a guild could treat a guild member inn such a way. With his sense of justice Natsu heads straight for the Guilds hotel and kicks off at them, until he gets to meet Jiemma and challenges him to a fight, which if he loses he must leave the guild. Natsu shows his strength and determination until Minerva nullifies his magic and points out that a fight might get them disqualified from the games.

Arcadios is pleased that Fairy Tail believe that Raven Tail was behind the kidnapping of the celestial wizard Lucy Heartfilia for his Eclipse project. It’s ‘Pandemonium’ out there and Erza is up for the challenge as the organisers create a castle with 100 monsters in it. Each contestant names a number of monsters they wish to fight and once in the castle you don’t come out until that number is defeated or you are incapacitated, Erza is up first and shocks everybody by choosing the whole 100.

Even if Raven Tail were blameless of the kidnapping, they are definitely up to something most foul, as they only pick on the Fairy Tail members and who is their mystery fighter Alexei that seems to call all of their shots?

In the background, the small Guild of Crime Sorcière senses the nefarious aura that they hoped Fairy Tail would locate, and as Jellal/Mystogan roams the tiers of the Colosseum he gets spotted by Doranbolt of the magic council. Will his disguise be uncovered or will he discover who is behind the dark magic?

Another great series from A-1 Pictures as season 6 comes to a close, we find out who is the best of the Dragon wizards, be prepared for epic battles either fully clothed or in swimsuits, it’s going to be ‘Magical’.

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DirectorShinji Ishihira
GenreFantasy, Drama
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