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Naruto Shippuden Box 34 Review****-

Cert 15 | 350 mins | 2018

4 stars of ongoing Ninja action under the Infinite Tsukuyomi.

Naruto Shippuden is an ongoing anime series based on the Manga by Masashi Kishimoto and directed by Hayato Date.

It tells the story of a young shinobi called Naruto Uzumaki (Maile Flanagan) from the hidden leaf village. He is a Jinchuriki, who contains the nine tails within him. Along with the other shinobi from his village they learn and grow together as they try to keep their loved ones and the world at large safe.

The usual spoiler alerts apply here, we are well into the story so don’t read on unless you’re all caught up to this point.

“Sasuke, it’s okay. It’s too late. I just have one favour to ask. Please Sasuke once more, please smile for me.”

Naruto Shippuden Box 34 comprises episodes 431-444 and continues and concludes the current Kaguya Ōtsutsuki Strikes arc, and begins the Jiraiya Shinobi Handbook: The Tale of Naruto the Hero arc.

The Fourth Great Ninja War rages on and the Allied Shinobi Forces are fighting a threat that can’t be punched. All shinobi except Naruto’s team have been caught in the eye of the Infinite Tsukuyomi, a stunning genjutsu technique, which uses a target’s own chakra to trap them in an illusion of their own making.

Some, like Karin, relive their own pasts, while Tsunade reads from Jiraiya’s final novel in her dream—a considerably different account of Naruto’s life, where his parents are still alive and the young Leaf Village Genin have to prove themselves as shinobi when they face off against a major foe a lot earlier than expected.

This series is, as ever, very entertaining to watch. It’s fun and colourful with plenty of action. However, it is a little confusing to suddenly throw in an alternate version of the entire story at this stage of the proceedings. That said, it’s still an obvious must own for fans of the franchise and well worth adding to your collection.

“Alright, now we shall see if the strength that has been given to you is a blessing or a curse. If you don’t wish to die, then do something about it right now.”

Naruto Shippuden Box 34 is available to buy now on DVD.

DirectorHayato Date
AuthorMasashi Kishimoto
GenreAnime, action, adventure
StarringMaile Flanagan, Yuri Lowenthal, Kate Higgins, Neil Kaplan, Ali Hillis
Available to buy on : Own Naruto Shippuden Box 34 on DVD
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