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Wolf Warrior 2 Review****-

Cert 15 | 123 mins | 2017

4 Star

Guns, A Bullet and Tanks.

Writer/ director and lead actor Jing Wu (Wolf Warrior, Fatal Contact) reprises his role as director and the star Leng Feng, who continues his life after the first film. Feng is a crack Chinese soldier and he brings all the action to the table. Gripping stuff in the heat of Africa.

Somewhere off the coast of Somalia a freighter comes under attack from pirates in small dinghies and automatic rifles. As the bullets fly, sailors get shot and sirens sound. The pirates bring the freighter to a halt using a fishing net to foul the propeller. Our Hero Feng (Jing Wu) appears and dives overboard and takes on the pirates by rocking their dinghy, tipping the pirates into the Ocean. This sets up some amazing underwater fight scenes with Feng coming out the victor. He climbs into the boat and finds a weapon he is very familiar with, a sniper rifle. He takes aim and fires at a speeding dinghy and takes out a pirate about to fire his rocket launcher.

Boom. Now the film can start.

Suddenly we are on dry land in Africa and a Chinese village is being torn down with a large bulldozer, the place is being destroyed by a real estate company. But this is the home of Feng’s fallen comrade and Feng and his other special-ops team members are bringing his remains home for the funeral. The heartless driver is about to bring his bucket down on the funeral and the family when Feng disables it and the special-ops team assemble to present the ashes of their son Xiao Fei.

The head of the destruction site puts a gun to Feng’s head, he is quickly disarmed and sent flying. He shouts for help and his men come running in, but they are soon flying through the air and landing on the newly arrived police vehicles. The boss shouts out that Feng has a gun and the police tell him to drop it. The Boss comes over to him and tells him that he better kill him as when he is gone, he will make their lives a living hell. He duly obliges, first he dismantles the gun then he kicks the boss in the chest sending him into a car windscreen killing him. For this he is sent to a military prison for two years and is discharged from the Chinese army.

Back to the present day after the events of the pirates, Feng is in Africa disembarking from the freighter. He loads up a pick-up and they head into town to sell their resources. Along the way they pick up Feng’s godson Tundu (Nwachukwu Kennedy Chukwuebuka) who is a little black marketeer selling contraband out of a box strapped to his shoulder.

We find out that there is trouble brewing locally as the Red Scarf rebels take on the army backed by mercenaries. The virus Lamanla is spreading across the country, people are falling sick everywhere and quarantine zones have had to be set up. While relaxing on a beach everything turns up-side down when a vehicle explodes and bullets start flying as the rebels advance.

Now this turns into the action movie we were hoping for as Feng and civilians try to get to the Chinese Embassy, with the Chinese Navy coming to rescue its citizens from this war zone. At the docks he hears about workers needing rescuing and guess who volunteers. On his journey he will come across Big Daddy (Frank Grillo, Captain America: The Winter Soldier) the big mad mercenary and doctor Rachel Smith (Celina Jade, Arrow) who is trying to find the cure to Lamanla.

Great martial arts and action packed, a true thrill-ride.

“Be Humble.”

Wolf Warrior 2 is Available on Blu-ray and DVD.


DirectorWu Jing
GenreAction, Drama, Thrille
StarringWu Jing, Frank Grillo, Celina Jade, Gang Wu
Available to buy on : Own it on DVD Own it on Blu-Ray
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