Road Rash Reviews

Star Trek: Discovery Season 1 Review ****-

Cert 12 | 15 x 60 mins | 2017

4 Star
The Reboot of Reboots.
CBS caused a storm in sci-fi circles when they announced that they were rebooting the iconic, world renowned Star Trek. Not just another tale set in the universe, but they decided to start from scratch. Setting it ten years before the adventures of the USS Enterprise. What also caused a stir was the main character was…more

Naruto Shippuden Box 34 Review ****-

Cert 15 | 350 mins | 2018

4 stars of ongoing Ninja action under the Infinite Tsukuyomi.
Naruto Shippuden is an ongoing anime series based on the Manga by Masashi Kishimoto and directed by Hayato Date.
It tells the story of a young shinobi called Naruto Uzumaki (Maile Flanagan) from the hidden leaf village. He is a Jinchuriki, who contains the nine tails within him. Along with the other shinobi from his…more

Tom’s Midnight Garden Review ****-

Cert U | 151 mins | 2018

4 star enchanting tale for the whole family.
This adaptation of Tom’s Midnight Garden was originally released in 1989 and is based on the much loved children’s book of the same name by Philippa Pearce (The Way to Sattin Shore). It is written for the screen by Julia Jones (Juliet Bravo, Q.E.D.) and directed by Christine Secombe (Johnny Briggs, Grange Hill).
“There’s nothing…more

Secret Santa Review ****-

Cert 18 | 79 mins | 2018

4 stars of very black festive comedy horror. 
Secret Santa is the second film from the Frightfest Presents label, a venture between Signature Entertainment and leading genre festival Frightfest. Following the success of The Dark, we now have a blood drenched comedy from the creators of Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday and Texas Chainsaw 3D.
It is written by Debra…more

March of the Penguins 2: The Next Step *****

Cert U | 76 mins | 2018

5 stars of stunning wildlife film making.
Over a decade later and following on from the success of March of the Penguins, writer and director Luc Jacquet (Ice and the Sky, Once Upon a Forest) is back with another work of genius, March of the Penguins 2: The Next Step.
“It’s pick up time at preschool, but unfortunately the entire class consists of nearly identical twins,…more

Robin Hood: The Rebellion Review **---

Cert 15 | 92 mins | 2018

2 Star
Less Errol Flynn, More Medieval Hollyoaks.
Writer/Director Nicholas Winter (Hooligan Escape The Russian Job) brings to the small screen a knock-down version of our swashbuckling legend. With young home grown upcoming talent the voices are authentic, rather than American imitations. Winter tries to give the story that dark gritty feel of the medieval age, but rather gets that rather annoying…more

Operation Red Sea Review *****

Cert 18 | 138 mins | 2018

5 Star
Bullets, Bombs, Tanks and Much Much More.
This is the must see conflict film of the year!
Propaganda film or not, Operation Red Sea is beyond anything you will see in a very long time. Dante Lam (as Lin Chaoxian)(Operation Mekong, The Stool Pigeon) brings us a story based on real events and this story is one of arduous exploits, that…more

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