Road Rash Reviews

Terminal Review ***--

Cert 15 | 95 mins | 2018

3 stars of colourful but mildly confusing film noir.
Terminal is written and directed by Vaughn Stein and is a very promising effort for his feature directorial debut.
“There is a place like no other on Earth. A land full of wonder, mystery and danger. Some say that to survive it, you need to be as mad as a hatter, which luckily, I…more

Lu Over the Wall Review ****-

Cert PG | 112 mins | 2018

4 stars of crazy, watery musical adventure.
Lu Over the Wall is a Japanese animated film, featuring screenplay by Reiko Yoshida (A Silent Voice) and Masaaki Yuasa (Ping Pong: The Animation, Night Is Short, Walk On Girl), who also directs the film.
It has all of his trademark strange animation style but this time it’s a children’s film, so it lacks his…more

Of Gods and Warriors Review ****-

Cert 18 | 91 mins | 2018

4 stars of blood soaked Viking action.
Of Gods and Warriors is written and directed by David L.G. Hughes (Hard Boiled Sweets) and was originally titled Viking Destiny. It is referred to as such in the special features.
“It is a curse for a child to be born with an absent father…”
Helle (Anna Demetriou in an impressive feature debut) is the only child…more

Mayhem DVD Review ****-

Cert 15 | 86 mins | 2018

4 star hilarious and action packed comedy horror.
Mayhem is written by Matias Caruso (The Doll Maker, Numbers) and directed by Joe Lynch (Everly, Knights of Badassdom).
“They also state the virus isn’t lethal, which is technically true, but while the virus can’t kill, the infected, or Redders, can.”
The film opens with our ‘hero’ Derek Cho (Steven Yeun – The Walking Dead,…more

Dogged Review *----

Cert 18 | 115 mins | 2018

1 star for this bizarre attempt at a horror film.
Dogged is based on a story written by Charlotte and Richard Rowntree with screenplay by Matthew Davies. It is directed by Richard Rowntree and is his debut feature length film, which certainly shows. The whole thing cries out lack of experience.
“This island is your family. What more could you need?”
Dogged tells…more

Tokyo Ghoul Live Action Review ****-

Cert 15 | 119 mins | 2018

4 star blood fuelled excitement.
At long last the eagerly awaited live action adaptation of the best selling manga by Sui Ishida is coming to DVD the UK, courtesy of All The Anime.

Tokyo Ghoul is set in a world where humans are forced to co-exist with inhuman creatures known as ghouls, who must feed on human flesh to survive. They…more

I Kill Giants Review ****-

Cert 12 | 106 mins | 2018

4 star heartwarming coming of age tale. 
I Kill Giants is written by Joe Kelly (Ben 10, Ultimate Spiderman), based on his graphic novel of the same name and directed by Anders Walter (Helium, 9 Meter).
“I’m here because people fear what they don’t understand. I’m good with that so we’re done here.”
Barbara Thorson (Madison Wolfe – The Conjuring 2, Joy) is…more

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