Road Rash Reviews

The Chill Factor Blu-ray Review ***--

Cert 15 | 86 mins | 1993

3 stars of glorious snowmobile horror action.
The Chill Factor was originally released in 1993. The release went to straight to VHS and was called Demon Possessed, not a very inspiring title. It was written by Julian Weaver (Trapped Alive, The Inheritor) and directed by Christopher Webster, the producer of Hellraiser and Hellraiser 2: Hellbound, but has subsequently been all but…more

Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich Review ****-

Cert 18 | 90 mins | 2019

4 stars of deliciously gory Nazi puppet violence.
Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich is a reboot of the long running and popular Puppet Master franchise. It is brought to DVD and Blu-ray courtesy of “Fangoria Presents” and is based on characters created by Charles Band (Doll Graveyard, Puppet Master) and Kenneth J. Hall (Terror Night). It is written by S. Craig Zahler (Bone Tomahawk) and…more

When a Stranger Calls Review ****-

Cert 15 | 97 mins | 1979, 1993

4 stars of tense horror/thriller.
When a Stranger Calls was first released in 1979 and is directed by Fred Walton (The Rosary Murders, The Sitter). This Blu-ray release courtesy of Second Sight Films also includes the sequel When a Stranger Calls Back, released in 1993 and The Sitter, the original short on which the film was based, as well as a…more

Arctic Review *****

Cert 12 | 94 mins | 2019

5 stars of epic survival thriller.
Arctic is an astonishing tour de force from Mads Mikkelsen. Written by Ryan Morrison (Stowaway) and Joe Penna (Turning Point, Beyond), who also directs, it is an international co-production between Iceland and the United States. It was shot in Iceland over the course of 19 days.
“They’re looking for you, don’t worry. They’ll be here tomorrow,…more

The Holy Mountain Review ****-

Cert U | 105 mins | 1926

4 stars of majestic scenery and crazy ski action.
The Holy Mountain (Der Heilige Berg) is a silent film made in 1926. In 2001 it was photochemically restored from two seperate sets of nitrate prints, from which this 2K restoration was produced. It is written and directed by Arnold Fanck (The Mountaineers, Storm over Mont Blanc), considered to be the creator…more

Maquia – Collector’s Combi Review *****

Cert 15 | 114 mins | 2019

5 star beautifully animated, heartwarming tale of love and loss.
Maquia – When the Promised Flower Blooms is written and directed by Mari Okada (The Anthem of the Heart). It is presented here in collector’s packaging, featuring both the original Japanese track with English subtitles and the English dub.
“A lone child meets another lone child. And so they set off into…more

The Surreal Project Review ****-

Cert TBC (18) | 74 mins | 2019

4 Star
The Master of Found Footage Strikes Again and Again.
Once again the all round writer, director, actor, producer József Gallai (Spirits in the Dark, A Guidebook to Killing Your Ex, Moth, Bodom) collaborates with writer, producer, blogger Bálint Szántó (Gone, Parallel) to bring us a spine chilling tale of possession. Again they put Hungary’s indie film scene on the map,…more

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