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Beau Fowler Express Delivery Six Shooter Interview

Road Rash 6 Shooter Interview.
‘Express Delivery’
Today Road Rash Reviews talks to Independent writer, director, fight choreographer and all-round good guy Beau Fowler (Bodyguard: A New Beginning, Vengeance, Urban Rhythm) about his 2017 short film ‘Express Delivery’ that shows off his writing/acting and martial art skills.
1: Where did the idea for Express Delivery come from and how long has it taken…more

Bad Day for the Cut, Promo

Cert 18 | 99 mins | 2017

Heartbreaking and violent in equal measure, Bad Day for the Cut is a powerhouse of a revenge story that wowed audiences and critics at the Belfast Film Festival, the  Sundance Film Festival – the first feature length film from Northern Ireland to be presented there – and on its recent tour of Northern Ireland. Brutal and breathtaking, this is one tale of vengeance you don’t want to miss.
Susan Lynch (TV’s Apple Tree Yard, TV’s National Treasure, Waking…more

Six Shooter Thirst Director and Lead Actor Interview

5 Star
Independent Film
We at Road Rash Reviews were lucky enough to see and review Thirst a South African feature film that was filmed on a minuscule budget, set around the events at the end of the 1991 Desert Storm. We follow best friends John McDaniels (Monré Aucamp) and Danny (Proetic) from high school through to their predicament in the desert…more

Now You See Me 2 Interviews

Q: How was it reuniting with the majority of the cast for Now You See Me 2?
Dave Franco: It was incredible, we all genuinely love each other, and I laugh with this cast more than most people in my life. I would already love to come back and do as many installations of…more

Wiktoria Wabnyc Interview

Today we introduce you to young inspired actress Wiktoria Wabnyc, a seventeen year old who will represent the UK at the World Championship of Performing Arts and she is loooking for a little help from our readers.

1: How did you get into acting?
This is a very difficult question to answer as there were many things that contributed to my involvement with…more

Cheryl Bullock Interview

Today we welcome Cheryl Bullock to the RRR question room to interview aspiring Actress, Singer, Writer and Director, here is what we asked and how she responded.
1.What gave you the inspiration to write/ direct your short film Zombie Attack?
My inspiration of why I chose to write/direct my short film is because I love watching Shaun of the Dead and I…more

Amy Kinder Interview

We would like to introduce to you our reader Amy Kinder, an eager up and coming actress who believes,
“You have the right to dream it and then live it.”
We asked her a few questions to get her views out in the world, here is what she had to say.

First and most importantly; thank you so much for this opportunity, its a pleasure…more

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