Road Rash Reviews

The Holy Mountain Review ****-

Cert U | 105 mins | 1926

4 stars of majestic scenery and crazy ski action.
The Holy Mountain (Der Heilige Berg) is a silent film made in 1926. In 2001 it was photochemically restored from two seperate sets of nitrate prints, from which this 2K restoration was produced. It is written and directed by Arnold Fanck (The Mountaineers, Storm over Mont Blanc), considered to be the creator…more

Buster Keaton 3 Films Review *****

Cert U | 191 mins | 1924, 1926, 1928

5 Star
Keaton at his Best.
Eureka does it again, with this collection of three films from the master of comedy action deadpan hero. Now fully restored to 1080p with sharper music and sounds. This is a must own, for the laughs, the action and the history of this amazing man. With a package that comes with a sixty page booklet and…more

Der Mude Tod (Destiny) Review *****

Cert PG | 116 mins | 1921

5 stars for a fantastically remastered piece of cinema history.
Der Mude Tod was first released in 1921 and is presented here in a fabulous 2K restoration as part of Eureka’s Masters of Cinema collection #161. Written and directed by Fritz Lang (Metropolis, The Big Heat), it is one of his earliest films and is regarded as highly influential, cited by…more

Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari Review *****

Cert U | 77 mins | 1920

5 star conversion of this iconic horror film.
Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari is a German silent film, first released in 1920. It was written by Carl Mayer (The Last Laugh) and Hans Janowitz (Der Januskopf) and directed by Robert Weine (The Night of the Rose).
It is now presented as part of the Masters of Cinema Series, #92. Bringing this highly…more

Early Murnau – Five Films 1921-1925 Review ****-

Cert PG | 433 mins | 1921-1925

4 Star
Drama, Intrigue and Inter-titles.
Eureka bring us #140-144 in their Masters of Cinema’s collection taking us all the way back to the roaring 20’s (1920’s that is), they bring us 5 of the early surviving films of Murnau (Nosferatu). All painstakingly restored with the inter-titles translated from the original German. The films are Schloβ Vogelöd, Phantom, Die Finanzen des groβherzogs,…more

BUSTER KEATON – The Complete Short Films 1917-1923 *****

Cert PG | 720 mins | 1917-1923

5 Star
Classic Slapstick at its Very Best.
Eureka brings a slice of pure genius in the form of the complete library of Buster Keaton from 1917-1923. Those of a certain age will remember these being shown on TV years ago, but these slapstick shorts are for everyone, young or older.
What can one say about a man with so mush talent, timing…more

The Last Command Review ****-

Cert PG | 88 mins | 1928

4 Star
Czars, Bullets and Hard Lines.
1928 the last days of silent films (The Jazz Singer 1927 being first sound synced film) sees director Josef von Sternberg (Shanghai Express) bring us a tale of two different worlds, that of Czarist Russia and that of Hollywood USA. Where a Director is looking for his next extra and suddenly recognises a face from…more

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