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Snake Outta Compton Review*----

Cert 15 | 89 mins | 2019

1 star of terrible but somehow still funny B-movie parody.

Snake Outta Compton is written and directed by Hank Braxton (Unnatural, Chemical Peel) and produced by Mike Mendez and Drew Adams of Big Ass Spider fame and Jon Kondelik (Beyond the Gates).

“Reptilian stem cells! If I can activate the reptilian stem cells in this newly hatched snake, the potential for growth would be nearly unlimited!”

Snake Outta Compton is primarily a parody of Straight Outta Compton, the 2015 film charting the rise and fall of rap group N.W.A., however it also references many other films including Snakes on a Plane, Training Day and Speed, lots of Easter eggs for fans.

Cam (Ricky Flowers Jr. – Show Me Your Glory: The Movie) is the leader of an aspiring rap crew, featuring Pinball (Motown Maurice – Alien Expedition), Beez Neez (Tarkan Dospil – 4 Minutes) a white rapper, and Neon (Aurelia Michael – Save Me From Love).

Pinball also shares a room with Vurkel (Donte Essien – Oscar) a mad scientist nerd who is fed up of being called little man and has invented a growth ray. He uses it on a baby snake that he has found, to reasonable effect.

Their would-be manager R.E.L. (Arielle Brachfeld – Los Angeles Overnight) has managed to get them a potential record deal and they have borrowed money from local “heavy” Alley Jaws (Eric Paul Erickson – Jurassic Galaxy, Julian). He is less than happy about this and turns up during their celebration party with his posse of bimbo’s to collect his debt.

Unfortunately, the snake escapes in the ensuing mayhem and proceeds to continue to grow while rampaging round the streets of Compton. They are also relentlessly persecuted by bad cop Denz (Joston Theney – Axeman) and his rookie partner Ethan (Jon Kondelik).

Despite its immense potential and brilliant name, Snake Outta Compton fails to live up to expectations. Even for a parody, the script is awful and the acting worse, although the special effects are passable. The characters are all mind-blowingly annoying and funny walks haven’t ever really been that amusing.

There’s no disputing that this film is enjoyable to watch on many levels, but it’s also very cringeworthy and some of the jokes are extremely racist and quite offensive in places.

It’s worth watching in the same way that all rubbish B-movies are, but don’t get your hopes up too high.

“Curse this modern music! All this braggadocio and fornication!”

Snake Outta Compton is available to buy now on DVD.

DirectorHank Braxtan
GenreComedy, horror, sci-fi
StarringRicky Flowers Jr., Motown Maurice, Donte Essien, Aurelia Michael
Available to buy on : Own Snake Outta Compton on DVD
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