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Essex Boys: Law of Survival “Six Shooter” Interview

Next up we asked Danny’s love interest in the film Amy aka Abbie Steele

eblosabbie1: Congratulations, so how was your first red carpet experience?

Many thanks RRR. My first red carpet experience was wonderful and slightly surreal! It was such an overwhelming feeling to see our work on the big screen. Certainly a night that I will never forget.

2: How did you get into acting?

For as long as I can remember, I have been on the stage in dance shows and plays in my local community. It was from this that I developed a love for acting and very early on, decided that acting is what I wanted to do. I studied GCSE and A-Level Drama and took a degree in Drama and Performance at the University of Worcester, which opened a few doors into the industry. I was cast as Audrey in ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ with Malvern Theatre’s Young Company in 2012 and played various roles in a Son et Lumiere at Malvern Priory in 2010. After graduating, I knew I needed more training to eblosabiendannyreally learn my craft and break into the industry professionally, so I moved to London in 2014 after finding a professional acting coach who I take weekly lessons with. I started by doing a few student films and music videos to really learn my craft and get experience in front of the camera.

3: How did you get to hear about Essex Boys: Law of Survival and what drew you to the role of Amy?

I saw the casting call for Essex Boys: Law of Survival on a casting site. I applied for the role of Amy because the character description intrigued me and I was excited that she comes to a sticky end! I wanted to know why she was murdered and what her journey had been. ‘She was in the wrong place at the wrong time’ suggests that a lot can be explored with the role.

eblosgnews4: How long has the acting bug enthralled you?

My love for acting started in my youngest years. I got cast as a teacher in a Primary School play and really went to town with the role, making it larger than life and enjoying myself. When I began secondary school, I got involved with the school’s theatre group ‘Bloody Bones’ which put on plays and musicals every year in the space of 1 week. We would work with professional directors, music directors and choreographers, learning all our dialogue, lyrics and movement in the space of a week then putting on 3 performances to audiences of around 200 people at the end. My first major role was Polly Peachum in Bertolt Brecht’s ‘Threepenny Opera’ which is when I discovered I could sing. I had always been involved in the community performing arts projects, pantomimes and dancing groups, and in 2008 I won a year’s scholarship with Razzamataz Theatre Schools, where I played various roles including Glinda in Wicked and the Wizard of Oz. After my A-Levels, I did a 3 year BA (Hons) Drama and Performance degree at the University of Worcester, becoming involved in local dramatic groups and the university choir. It wasn’t until I met the team at Translantic Films in London though, that I really began to understand what ‘acting’ is. I was enthralled from my youngest years, but to step up to the next level and begin to train professionally has really transformed my life. Acting is not only a career for me, it’s a way of life.

eblosgtimes5: What do you take away from the role of Amy in Essex Boys: Law of Survival?

Amy was my first major role and the first major project I have worked on, so I will always have a sense of pride and achievement with her. She has been a wonderful, natural character to play, showing a gentle, loving side and making the audience really feel for her.

6: What has the future in store for Abbie Steele?

I want to explore stronger female characters with a bit more fire and edge. I am currently in talks with a few directors about projects later this year and into next year, but nothing is final yet. I will let you know!

Cheers Abbie, much appreciated.

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