Road Rash Reviews

Sister Street Fighter Collection Review *****

Cert 18 | 325 mins | 1974-76

5 Star
A Feast for The Martial Arts Fans.
Arrow Video bring us a true Martial Arts classic series of four films starring the high kicking, flying Etsuko Shiomi (Legend of Eight Samurai, Shogun’s Samurai). This collection comes with the Original Sister Street Fighter and the two sequels and the fourth film shows a different character (still played by Shiomi) but still…more

Departures Review *****

Cert 12 | 97 mins | 2019

5 stars of hilarious, heartwarming and heartbreaking comedy drama.
Departures is written by Fergal Rock, a magnificent feature debut and directed by Peter Hutchings (The Outcasts, Rhymes With Banana). It was originally titled ‘Then Came You’.
“I’m a little promiscuous when it comes to support groups.”

Calvin (Asa Butterfield – Ender’s Game, Hugo) is a baggage handler at the airport, working alongside his…more

Rendel: Dark Vengeance Review ***--

Cert 15 | 105 mins | 2017

3 Star
The Darkest Knight Arises.
Rendel: Dark Vengeance is from Finland, which doesn’t have the biggest film industry (about 15-20 films per year), so this first feature film from writer/director (Jesse Haaja)  is a bold step trying to break into the anti-hero market, which is heavily dominated by the likes of DC and Marvel. For a first attempt this is a…more

Redcon- 1 Review ****-

Cert 18 | 115 mins | 2018

4 Star
An Infectious Zombie Film
Writer/director, producer Chee Keong Cheung (Bodyguard: A New Beginning) brings us his third film and his first for ten years in this epic Zombie film. A Zombie film with a difference, 1 It is British, 2 The Zombies aren’t just mindless walking, chomping, dead cannibals, they retain memories of their past life. Which makes for some…more

Boar Review ****-

Cert 18 | 92 mins | 2019

4 stars of snarling and snorting Aussie giant pig action.
Boar is written and directed by Chris Sun (Charlie’s Farm, Daddy’s Little Girl) and is presented here as part of Signature Entertainment‘s Frightfest Presents collection.
Packed with gore and plenty of good hearty Australian language, this film is more deserving of its 18 certificate than most and is not for the faint…more

Outlaws (1%) Review

Cert 18 | 92 mins | 2017

4 Star
A Shakespearean Tragedy on Two Wheels.
Australian films always seem to come hard and fast at you, none more so than Outlaws. A tale of the Copperheads M.C. and how they have tried to forge a future without their President. First time feature film director Stephen McCallum (Flume: The Infinity Prism Tour (TV Movie)) does a cracking job showing the…more

Human Desire [1954] (Masters of Cinema) Dual Format Review ****-

Cert PG | 91 mins | 1954

4 Star
What Will You Do For Passion?
Based on the novel “La Bête Humaine” – by Emile Zola, The Sin of Father Mouret) this is the third incarnation of the novel and directed by the legendary Fritz Lang (Metropolis, Der Mude Tod, Spione, M, Moonfleet, Journey to the Lost City). Human Desire is a tale of what will you do and…more

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