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Parallel (2016) Review****-

Cert TBC | 79 mins | 2016

4 Star

Take a Walk on the darker side of Life.

How deep down the rabbit hole would you go?

British indie film goes down a dark path with this different take on the psychic medium film style, directed by Ieva Makselyte (I Saw the Dead) in his first full length feature. He makes a great job of giving the tension of people going through changes in their psyche. Written by actor/writer David Magowan (Dead Money) who has a vested interest as he plays lead actor Neil.

Heather (Faye Sewell, Cat Skin) turns up at her bosses house for a party, armed with a bunch of flowers because it is her birthday and her boss Anna (Melissa Veszi, Monkey Warfare) answers the door and greets her.

Heather jokes about Anna setting her up with a bloke as Anna goes to put the flowers in water. With a glass of white wine in her hand she contemplates the other wines. As she does so a guy comes up and starts a talk about how you can tell a lot about a person by the wine they drink, this is Neil (David Magowan, Spirital Phantoma). What if you like both white and red wine? You’re perfect. Or as Heather would say “Does that make me Schizophrenic?”. They end up down by the river for a late night kiss.

Time has passed and Neil and Heather are getting on like a house on fire and during their lunch breaks they take walks down by the river. Neil has to go and relieve himself, Heather waits and she spots a man with a pair of binoculars she also spots that he has dropped his wallet and goes over to hand it back to him. As she does this, a card falls out and she reads it and finds out that John Machlis (Brian Carter, Closure) is a medium and this intrigues her. Especially when he says that he is not the normal type of medium, he doesn’t see the future because it hasn’t happened yet and he doesn’t talk to the dead because they are dead. Now Heather is hooked and pesters Neil to go for a reading but he is really sceptical about the whole thing.

She keeps working on him until he gives in and they turn up at Machlis’ home. He explains that his family have had the gift and it has passed onto him. He can see the the life that is currently running Parallel to theirs. At £50 p/h Neil wants nothing to do with it, so Machlis offers to show Heather what he can do, for free. What she sees opens her eyes as her other self is different and the events of the party are totally different and she meets Roy (Daniel Westwood, Now You See Me 2, Stan Lee’s Lucky Man (TV Series))  instead of Neil.

How much do you want to know about your darker self?

Watch the film here (Amazon Prime)(Not for Younger Audiences)

DirectorIeva Makselyte
GenreDrama, Mystery
StarringFaye Sewell, David Magowan, Daniel Westwood, Melissa Veszi, Brian Carter
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