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Iron Sky: The Coming Race Review***--

Cert 15 | 90 mins | 2019

3 Star

Humanity in the Hands of Grease Monkeys

Finland’s director Timo Vuorensola (Iron Sky) brings us the future of the human race, a bleak tale of misery, radiation poisoning, starvation. Partially funded by the public like the original, we know the fans are out there for this Sci-Fi, Action, Comedy. Unfortunately this is more laughable rather than laugh out loud comedy. Still totally enjoyable and sure to become a cult classic.

Set twenty-ish years after the first film, where the Nazi moon-base (established in 1945, the war started in 2018) attacks Earth, in an all out nuclear war which devastates the Earth and shatters the Moon. We see the leaders of the free world, Sarah Pallin (Stephanie Paul, Separation City) flee to Antarctica to a secret base, whilst Vladimir Putin (Kari Ketonen, Lapland Odyssey 3) dances in his office as the missiles drop.

The last dregs of the human race (1980 souls) manage to find a space ship and make it to the Nazi moon base where they have an uneasy alliance. The head of the moon base is the ailing Renate Richter (reprising her role from Iron Sky) (Julia Dietze, After-work beer) but it is her daughter Obi (Lara Rossi, Robin Hood, Anchor and Hope) that has taken on the role of the saviour of the base as she is the only one that takes on the repairs of the failing base, which is afflicted by moonquake’s after the war.

With resources dwindling and things failing all over the base it is a shock when a ship is headed their way from the the irradiated Earth and it has over ridden the hanger doors. Obi knows that the landing pad can’t handle the landing and rushes to save the ship, which she manages to do and in the ship are refugees from Russia. The Pilot is Sasha (Vladimir Burlakov, Brother and Sister) a man that likes the look of Obi but she isn’t interested.

The other thorn in Obi’s side is the cult of Steve Jobs run by Donald (Tom Green, Bethany) and his lackeys Tyler (Emily Atack, Lost in Florence), Fat Tyler (Edward Judge, You, Me and the Apocalypse), Ryan (Martin Swabey, The Visitors: Bastille Day). If you use the wrong type of device it’s explosion time.

Obi’s pet project is fixing Amelia, the original ship that had brought them to the Moon, as she has been scavenged for spare parts over the years. Taking parts off of Sasha’s home-made ship, she spies a cloaked figure and she decides to follow them. What she was expecting was not what she found. The Moon-base Fuhrer Wolfgang Kortzfleisch (Udo Kier, Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich, Night of the Templar) returned to find the secret of eternal youth.

To prove it to Obi he tells her to give it to her dying mother, who miraculously recovers and becomes younger again. Wolfgang tells her that Earth is hollow and there is a source that can save the planet and everybody.

They hatch a plan to retrieve this wonder. The Jobs want in and Sasha wants part of it if Obi is going and they take muscle man Malcom (Kit Dale).

Let the hilarity begin. As we find an alien race (the Vril) who play with dinosaurs, just for the fun of it.

“What happened to the others?”

“Hitler ate them and that isn’t a euphemism!”

The Iron Sky franchise will become cult classics.

Iron Sky: The Coming Race is available on DVD and Blu-ray

DirectorTimo Vuoresola
GenreAction, Comedy, Sci-Fi
StarringUdo Keir, Lara Rossi, Emily Atack
Available to buy on : Own it on DVD Own it on Blu-Ray
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