Road Rash Reviews

Revolver 1973 Blu-ray Review ****-

Cert 15 | 109 mins | 1973

4 Star
He Will do Everything for Love.
From the days when men were hard and the crimes were dirtier. Revolver comes from writer/director Sergio Sollima (Violent City, The Black Corsair) an Italian tale of criminal activity that crosses the border into France. A time when fashion was vibrant, values were different and everybody smoked. Being Italian, there is plenty of flesh…more

Wyrmwood Apocalypse Review ***--

Cert 18 | 88 mins | 2022

3 stars of ferociously bonkers Australian zombie horror/comedy.
Wyrmwood Apocalypse in a 2022 Australian horror film. Written by Tristan Roache-Turner and Kiah Roache-Turner who also directs, this is the sequel to the 2014 cult classic Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead.
Following it’s UK Premiere at FrightFest Glasgow 2022 it is now available on DVD, Blu-ray and Digital courtesy of 101 Films.
“She’s sick…more

The Sadness Review ****-

Cert 18 | 100 mins | 2022

4 star brutal and blood soaked zombie horror.
The Sadness is a 2022 Taiwanese zombie horror film, written and directed by first time Canadian filmmaker Rob Jabbaz. Filmed on location in Taipei, where he now lives, this is a truly remarkable debut, he is definitely one to watch.
This Shudder exclusive pushes the limits of what can be achieved in horror and…more

Cursed Films II Episodes 3, 4 and 5 Review ****-

41, 41, 43 mins | 2022

4 star enlightening and entertaining film documentaries.
Cursed Films II is a Shudder Original series looking at the myths and legends which have grown up around some of the Hollywood productions now viewed as being cursed.
Written and directed by Jay Cheel (For Heaven’s Sake), the final three episodes of this fascinating series are now available to stream on Shudder.
“They should be prepared for the…more

Faye Review ****-

83 mins | 2022

4 star intense and innovative horror film.
Faye is a 2022 independent American horror film, written by Sarah Zanotti (Rattled) who also plays the only character we see in the film and Kd Amond (Five Women in the End), who also directs.
It will premiere on UK Digital on 9th May 2022 courtesy of Reel 2 Reel Films.
“Do you want me to…more


Cert U | 1,200 mins | 1964

5 Star
Stand By For… Wait a Sec
The Action is Here. And it is in HD.
This is the one the Gerry Anderson/Sylvia Anderson fans have been waiting for. Yes, Stingray in all its HD beauty. The 1964 Supermarionation series that enthralled young and old in front of those TVs that couldn’t show what was really going on (Ours was black and…more

The Twin Review ***--

108 mins | 2022

3 star slow burning Finnish folk horror.
The Twin is a 2022 psychological horror film featuring a screenplay by Aleksi Hyvärinen (Lake Bodom) and Taneli Mustonen (Reunion, The Renovation), who also directs. It is his English language debut, and is available to stream exclusively on Shudder from 6th May 2022.
“Mom, you and Dad. Do you love me as much as you love…more

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