Road Rash Reviews

A Kingdom for a Crown Review ****-

Cert U | 60 mins | 2020

4 Star
A Right Royal Question.
Serial documentarian Jon-Paul Gates (The Color of your skin, Rescue Me: International – Cat Rescue, Love on Demand, Red Army Hooligans, The Howling 2017) brings us his sixth program, all about the royal family, along with Royal biographer Penny Junor (Diana, Princess of Wales (1982), Charles, Prince of Wales (1987 and 1998), Charles and Diana: Portrait…more

The Wacky Hen ***--

Cert U | 85 mins | 2021

3 stars of colourful and lighthearted fun for children.
The Wacky Hen is a Spanish film, originally called La Gallina Turuleca and directed by Eduardo Gondell and Víctor Monigote. It is presented here with an English dub courtesy of Dazzler Media.
“Not you. Back in your corner. You haven’t laid a single egg yet and you’re an eyesore.”
Mr. Cocorico (Blair Holmes) is…more

The Call Review ***--

Cert 15 | 97 mins | 2020

3 star good solid supernatural horror tale.
The Call is written by Patrick Stibbs and directed by Timothy Woodward Jr. (The Final Wish, The Outsider). This classic tale of creepy haunted house horror has some nice ideas and should be satisfying enough for most fans of the genre.
“We all know what happened. Edith Cranston got to her, She used to run…more

Shark Attack 3: Megalodon Review ****-

Cert 15 | 94 mins | 2002

4 stars of delightfully kitsch and slightly naughty B-movie.
Shark Attack 3: Megalodon is the third film in the popular Shark Attack franchise and was originally released in 2002 (although it looks for all the world like something straight out of the eighties!) It is written by Scott Devine (Shark Attack 1 & 2) and William Hooke (Domino) and directed by…more

The Blackout: Invasion Earth

Cert 15 | 127 mins | 2019

4 Star
An Amazing Sci-Fi Story.
From the writer that brought us ‘Chernobyl: Zone of Exclusion’ (Ilya Kulikov, The Envelope) this time it is a full-on Sci-Fi set in Russia. Directed by Egor Baranov (Sparta) who brings this blood soaked fight for survival in the near future. The English version is directed by Nathalia Hencker (Por Sofia), the race is on to…more

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