Road Rash Reviews

The Golden Empire DVD Release Review 2013 ***--

Cert 15 | 124 mins

“The Path to power is stained with blood”
The Golden Empire is an extremely interesting film, very compelling 3 star viewing.

This is a Russian production, directed by Andrei Proshkin and subtitled in English.
The Golden Empire is without a doubt an epic tale, and an ambitious project to undertake. As a newcomer to the Russian film scene, this is certainly an eye opener. The…more

Detachment DVD Review Jan 2013 *****

Cert 15 | 100 mins

A Class film (pun intended) 5 Stars.
A stark look at the stresses and strains of all the occupants of the school, from the ones that crack, Dr Doris Parker (Lucy Liu), to the ones that take medication to bend, Mr Charles Seaboldt (James Caan) and those that believe they have something to prove such as Andy (Kwoade Cross,) but most importantly there…more

Piranha Blu-ray Release Review 2013 ****-

Cert 15 | 106 mins

Watching Piranha on Blu-ray is a highly entertaining and amusing experience and for this reason I have given it 3.5 stars.
Not to be confused with the two remakes (Piranha – 2010 and Piranha 3DD – 2012), this is the original version of the film, first released in 1978, and lovingly converted here to Blu-ray format.
Piranha (1978) is directed by Joe…more

LOOPER DVD Blu-ray release Jan 2013 ****-

Cert 15 | 114 mins

This is a full 4 stars but is not a 5 due to the quagmire trying to explain why you have and don’t have memories of what happens now, but this is Sci-fi, so don’t let that put you off this well acted film especially Pierce Gagnon the young Cid. There is plenty of story and plenty of classic Bruce…more

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