Road Rash Reviews

The Reef DVD Release *----

Cert 15 | 84 mins | 2011

I fear I may be overly generous, but nevertheless I am giving this film 1 star (mostly because they all seem to have turned up, and I always feel you should give points for trying). I was sceptical to say the least before watching this, and it thoroughly lived down to my expectations in every way.
At first glance this would…more

The Hole DVD and Blu-ray Release ****-

Cert 12 | 88 mins | 2011

This is an excellent film, quite worthy of 4 stars. As a lover of horror films, I was at first a little put off by the fact that this is a 12 certificate – my normal instinct is to look for the 18 on the box, expecting this will make for a better film. However, having watched The Hole, I…more

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