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The Song of Bernadette (Eureka Classics) Review *****

Cert U | 156 mins | 1943

5 Star
Humility in the Face of Adversity.
From the master of adaptations Henry King, (Lloyds of London, A Yank in the R.A.F., Twelve O’Clock High, David and Bathsheba) a man with a glittering career during the golden age of Hollywood, The Song of Bernadette (Franz Werfel (novel), Embezzled Heaven) is the biography of a young Bernadette Soubirous of Lourdes France and…more

The Bouncer Review ***--

Cert 18 | 94 mins | 2018

3 Star
Stuck Between a Rock and a Hard Case.
Julien Leclercq (The Informant) brings Jean-Claude Van Damme (Double Impact, Bloodsport, Universal Soldier) to a new genre for him,¬†Film Noir. ¬†This is a bit of a shock for Van Damme fans as we expect the splits and high kicks , but at 59 I suppose we have to forgive him that, however…more

The White Reindeer Review ****-

Cert PG | 68 mins | 1952

4 star restoration of an underrated classic Finnish folk tale.
The White Reindeer is written by Mirjami Kuosmanen (Kihlaus, Kun on Tunteet) and Erik Blomberg (Wedding Night). It was originally released in 1952 and is presented here following a 4K restoration, in the original Finnish with optional English subtitles. It is part of the Masters of Cinema Series #203.
“You must sacrifice…more

Venus (Short) Review and Interview with Director Nicola Irvine ****-

15 mins | 2019

4 Star
A Timely Tale
RRR has the pleasure of bringing you Nicola Irvine‘s first short film Venus, a dark tale of child abduction. Nicola is afraid of tackling touchy subject matter, but I remember being taught in school not to talk to strangers. Venus tells the story of young Tamara Naughton (Chloe Stannage, White) and the drudgery of her day to…more

Hell Fest Review ***--

Cert 18 | 89 mins | 2019

3 stars of entertaining and modern slasher flick.
Hell Fest is based on a story by William Penick (Secrets In the Walls) and Christopher Sey (It’s Christmas Carol!) with an screenplay by Seth M. Sherwood (Leatherface), Blair Butler (Polaroid) and Akela Cooper (The 100, Grimm). It is directed by Gregory Plotkin (Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension).
“Are you sexually arousing a zombie…more

Pet Sematary 30th Anniversary Review ****-

Cert 18 | 102 mins | 1989

4 star remastering of a beloved eighties cult classic film.
Pet Sematary is based on the horror novel of the same name written by Stephen King (The Dark Tower, Under the Dome) who also wrote the screenplay. It was originally released in 1989 and has enjoyed a 4K Ultra HD restoration for its 30th anniversary release. It is directed by Mary…more

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