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The Lego Ninjago Movie 3D Review****-

Cert U | 101 mins | 2017

4 Star

Lego, Ninjas, Mechs and all in 3D.

Based on an original Lego toy line, Warner Bros show that throwing writers, screenplay writers and producers at a project can bring something enjoyable to watch especially ‘in the eye’ 3D.

A young boy walks into a curio shop and meets the proprietor Mr Lui (Jackie Chan, Kung Fu Yoga, Drunken Master, Police Story: Lockdown) who tells him about the legend of Ninjago. Off to Lego Land where the megalopolis rises into the skies. It is a city plagued with danger as the evil Lord Garmadon (Justin Theroux, The Girl on the Train) regularly attacks the city, but a band of young ninjas always protect the city using giant Mechs.

Within the city is Lloyd (Dave FrancoNow You See Me 2) who is shunned by the other residence of Ninjago, this is because he is the son of Garmadon. He lives with his mother Misako (AKA Koko) (Olivia Munn, Iron Man 2).

What all the other residents don’t know is that Lloyd is the green member of the ninjas and he fights Garmadon alongside Nya (Abbi Jacobson, Person to Person), Zane (Zach Woods, Ghostbusters), Jay (Kumail Nanjiani, Central Intelligence), Cole (Fred Armisen, Battle of the Sexes), Kai (Michael PeñaAmerican Hustle) and their master, named Wu (Jackie Chan).

Having been defeated, Garmadon asks what is left of his generals (the others have been fired out of a volcano by Garmadon) for suggestions and one of them comes up with a mech that is immune to fire power. This is a successful stratagem and as a last ditch attempt to defeat Garmadon, Lloyd fires the ultimate weapon that sets off a set of events that truly threaten the city.

Master Wu tells Lloyd that he cannot be a true ninja if he only uses mechs and they all must train to obtain true insight and the ultimate ultimate weapon that exists high in the mountains. Only a ninja can reach it and this is why Lloyd and the Ninjago saviours must obtain the ninja status and save the city.

A great one for the kids in the house Large or Small.The Lego Ninjao Movie is available on 3D Blu-ray, Blu-ray and DVD.

GenreAnimation, Action, Adventure
StarringJackie Chan, Charlie Bean, Paul Fisher, Bob Logan
Available to buy on : Own it on DVD Own it on Blu-Ray Own it on 3D Blu-Ray
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