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The Bride With White Hair Review****-

Cert 18 | 89 mins | 1993

4 Star

Destiny, Honour and Love.

From writer/director Ronny Yu (The Occupant, Bride of Chucky, The 51st State, Freddy vs. Jason) comes this wuxia fantasy tale from the 17th century. Loosely based on the main character from Liang Yusheng‘s novel Baifa MonĂ¼ Zhuan, we follow his young life and into adulthood and all the trappings that brings.

There is a long held belief that high in the mountains of the Shin Fung Mount a flower grows, that can turn white hair to black, thus turning back time and granting eternal youth. This is just one of those tales in the mountains history.

What is more important than your Emperor?

The Most important person is a woman…In my Heart!

The Forge. A young boy distracts himself as his master Taoist Ziyang of the Wudang Sect (Pau Fung, The Legend of Drunken Master, The Phantom Lover) and mentor talks about his training in the Swimming Dragon Moon-Splitting Sword style passed onto the young Zhuo Yihang (Leila Tong, City Hunter. Big Blue Lake) who is being groomed to be a chivalrous swordsman. But he is much more interested with life and all its trappings. As he grows he will have many scrapes with the law and his master and the other seven clans.

Knowledge is Infinite.

When on one of his adventures as a young boy rescuing a kid goat he encounters two of his fears, lightning and wolves, the first is solved by a young soldier Wu San-Kuei (Eddy Ko, Kung Fu Conspiracy, Darkside of Chinatown, Lethal Weapon 4, The Martian) who teaches the young boy how to drink wine.

The second, the wolves are sorted out by a strange young girl with a flute that charms the wolves and keeps the young boy safe.

Now Zhuo Yihang (Leslie Cheung, A Chinese Ghost Story, Happy Together) has grown up and has the weight of the clans upon him, as an evil cult is raiding across their borders. He is tasked with leading the eight clans against the conjoined twins Male Gei Mou-Seung (Francis Ng, Once Upon a Time in Triad Society), Female Gei Mou-Seung (Elaine Lui, The Red Wolf).

Reluctlantly he goes to do his duty and this is when he comes into contact with the white witch Lian Nichang (Brigitte Lin, Police Story, Swordsman III: The East Is Red, White Crane Woman) and her whip that can take the skin from a snake.

A Chinese Romeo and Juliet style tragedy, with added martial arts and brilliant swordplay, The Bride with White Hair is a great fantasy romp that will have you enthralled as the story unfolds.

The Bride With White Hair is available on Blu-ray


Limited Edition O-Card slipcase featuring new artwork by Darren Wheeling
1080p presentation on Blu-ray from a stunning new 4K restoration (this restoration has been newly colour graded exclusively by Eureka Entertainment and officially approved by director Ronny Yu)
Cantonese audio, available in original stereo and restored 5.1 presentations
Optional English and Mandarin audio tracks
Newly translated English subtitles
Brand new feature length audio commentary by Asian film expert Frank Djeng (NY Asian Film Festival)
Audio commentary with director Ronny Yu
Brand new interview with director Ronny Yu [41 mins]
Brand new interview with actor Joe Tay [21 mins]
Brand new interview with screenwriter Jason Lam Kee To [56 mins]
Brand new interview with composer Richard Yuen [24 mins]
Brand new interview with editor David Wu [81 mins]
Archival making of featurette
Limited Edition collector s booklet featuring new writing by James Oliver and Travis Crawford

DirectorRonny Yu
GenreAction, Fantasy, Romance
StarringLeslie Cheung, Brigitte Lin, Francis Ng, Elaine Lui, Kit Ying Lam
Available to buy on : Own it on Blu-Ray
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