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Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex Deluxe Collectors’ Edition Blu-ray Review*****

Cert 15 | 1337 approx mins | 2002-2006

5 Star

A Major Upgrade for G.I.T.S.

Masamune Shiro‘s (Appleseed) classic manga story brought to the screens by Production I-G (Psycho-PassAttack on TitanAttack on Titan: Junior High) this classic cyberpunk story set in the near future now comes in an all singing all dancing Blu-ray box set for the first time in the UK.

In the not so distant future, mankind has advanced to a state where complete body transplants from flesh to machine is possible. This allows for great increases in both physical and cybernetic prowess and blurring the lines between the two worlds. However, criminals can also make full use of such technology, leading to new and sometimes, very dangerous crimes. In response to such innovative new methods, the Japanese Government has established Section 9, an independently operating police unit which deals with such highly sensitive crimes.

In Depth: Discs & Content

This edition will include all 52 episodes of Stand Alone Complex and 2nd GIG, along with the Laughing Man and Individual Eleven OVAs and Solid State Society telefilm across 11 Blu-ray discs. Packaged in a custom digi-file, they will also feature new on-disc designs. 

Audio options are English dub or Japanese language with English subtitles. The subtitles are newly restored & fixed from our previous DVD editions. 

On-disc extras include trailer, TV spots and a treasure trove of cast & crew interviews with the likes of director Kenji Kamiyama, composer Yoko Kanno, writer Dai Sato, character designer Takayuki Goto, voice actors Akio Ohtsuka, Koichi Yamadera, Ken Nishida and more.

In Depth: The Book

Alongside the on-disc content, this set includes a 140-page book penned by Philippe Bunel, an anime & film journalist and author. Specially translated for the UK release, the book is available exclusively with the Deluxe Edition Blu-ray. 

As well as cast & character profiles, universe timelines and episode breakdowns, the book presents a study of the history, growth and influence of the Cyberpunk movement in Japan and the West, and an in-depth look at the philosophies, references and influences behind the world-renowned franchise. 

Also included are a 17-page image gallery, another 17 pages of annotated production sketches, a look at the career and works of mangaka Masamune Shirow, the history of Production I.G and a whole load more GITS SAC content!



  • Packaged in a deluxe rigid box with metallic finish
  • 11 blu-ray discs including 52 episodes & 3 films, housed in a custom digi-file and featuring new on-disc designs
  • A treasure-trove of on-disc extras with cast & crew interviews, trailers, textless opening and TV spots
  • Exclusive 140 page in-depth book, including interviews, cast & crew profiles, episode breakdowns and more
  • Also features newly restored subtitles

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Ghost in the Shell Sand Alone Complex is available on Blu-ray

DirectorKenji Kamiyama
GenreCyber punk, Action, Sci-Fi
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