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Beech Boys Season One Review****-

Cert U | 8 x 6 mins | 2019

4 Star

Causing Waves, Poolside.

RoadRash Reviews welcomes back Independent writer/director Matt Tory (We Make Movies, To the Moon) with his new Amazon Series. It follows the exploits of Trey and Ethan who are socially inept, with Trey being an egomaniac and Ethan as his hard working sidekick.

Season one of The Beech Boys brings eight small slices of life on the Beechwood Estate, a sleepy residential sun bathed community.

Where our two mishap heroes live and have formed Trey’s (J.J. Carroll, Mort) pool cleaning service on the estate. Due to their ineptitude they are not the most popular pool cleaning service, however thanks to the HOA policy they are the only option.

While Trey lays about, it is down to Ethan (Zach Castle, A Fistful of Callers) to do all the testing and cleaning.

On their adventures our duo will have to deal with fraught Beth (Jeanette Shelton, The Rally-LA) who has lost her dog Fifi and the grumpy Carl (Greg Curtis) who wants his Coy Carp to live. They always have a run in with the feisty Dottie (Becky Brown, Finding Mother).

The waters of the pools do not always lay smooth as our pool cleaners have rivalries in Cedric (Matt Tory, The Family) and fan-boy Todd (Joshua James).

The thing that worries Trey the most is the upcoming HOA vote on their tenure-ship as pool guys and they must work on being efficient, but as always Trey gets distracted far too easily, in the guise of new resident Callie (Courtney Coker, Bumblebee) and her exchange student Dave (Jimmy Wu).

Watch and enjoy the eight slices of Trey and Ethan’s life on the estate and a bonus bloopers episode.

Great Characters, Great Sunshine, Bad Pool Boys.

The Beech Boys is available on Amazon




DirectorMatt Tory
StarringJ.J. Carroll, Zach Castle, Courtney Coker, Joshua James, Matt Tory
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