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Paramapatham (Snakes and Ladders) Review****-

Cert TBC (15) | 110 mins | 2020

4 Star

A Game of Life and Death.

From brothers Thanesh Perrabu, Perrabu Viknesh they bring us their second film, this time they both take lead acting roles in this Malayan, Tamil fantasy record-breaking film. A tale that goes back into antiquity, that has a strong impact on people today. Paramapatham is the first board game based film in Malaysian film history.

Aroon (Thanesh Perrabu) the archaeologist is in the mountains in the lush Malaysian jungle, as he examines a cave entrance. He gets a phone call from his friend Ganesh (Sasiva Roban) telling him they need to meet up at their local bar. This when we see Aroon get his kit on and paraglide back to the city, (our first look at the beauty of Malaysia).

As Aroon makes his way back to the city, investigative journalist Jayakanthan (Risheekesan Nair) follows a group of men who are dealing drugs in the narrow back alleyways, he takes photo’s which causes the dealers to spot him and give chase.

We get a comedy piece as we meet the wet Kumar (Pavitran Muniandy) dancing to “Variya” song. He, too, has to meet up with his friends, but he has something important to do first, borrow money from the local big man Varjaa (Viknes Perrabu). As the guys wait for Kumar, Ganesh is distracted as he has had a run in with his girlfriend Kausalya’s (Kausaliya) father K.B.R. (KS Maniam) about his lack of a job and how he relies on his sister for his keep, and he is not fiancĂ© material for his daughter.

So Aroon says that they should get away for a couple of days, into the jungle no doubt. They should meet up at six pm tomorrow and go on an adventure. Meanwhile, we get a set dance piece with Ganesh and Kausalya as they show their love for each other despite what her father says. While student gets a lesson in history of the temple of Padmanabha Swami from Aroon’s professor Pugazh (Dr. Ganteeben).


When the guys get into the mountains they have a relaxing night before they head into the jungle where a derelict colonial hotel is found, and the group enjoy exploring it until Kumar falls through a floorboard, and they make a discovery. Paramapatham, a wooden game board (Snakes and Ladders) that had been hidden away for over a hundred years. They all decide to play, but Ganesh is still thinking about his love, so pulls out of the game as the others play on, but it is getting late, so they pack the game away. The clock is ticking, but the guys don’t know what is about to happen in their lives.

Paramapatham is a cracking idea and has been well executed by these new to filmmaking actors and directors. It has a graphic novel style of filming, with the D.O.P. Jegatheesvaran Easparan capturing some beautiful vistas and shots. A very imaginative idea, well worth searching out.

Paramapatham is available to watch in Malaysia on Astro Go. Keep an eye out in December when it should go Worldwide on Amazon Prime OTT Channel.


DirectorThanesh Perrabu, Viknes Perrabu
StarringThanesh Perrabu, Viknes Perrabu, K.S. Maniam, Dr. Ganteeben, Pavitran Muniandy
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