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Witch Digital Review***--

Cert 15 | 107 mins | 2024

3 star spooky and earnest folk horror.

Witch is a 2024 British supernatural folk horror film, directed by Craig Hinde, making his feature debut and Marc Zammit (Homeless Ashes), who co-write with David Baboulene.

It is available on UK Digital Platforms from 29th April 2024, courtesy of 101 Films.

“This is the last message I will leave for you William. Time is against me now, but not for you. If I should fail, then fate will come full circle.”

It’s 1575 and in a small town in England, the local blacksmith William (Ryan Spong – Charismata) lives happily with his wife Twyla (Sarah Alexandra Marks – Escape, Sky Monster). The whole town is rocked one day by a brutal double murder committed by a young girl named Johanna (Mims Burton), who slaughters her parents and walks through town carrying their severed heads.

Local Juge Hopkins (Daniel Jordan РRevolution X, The Price of Death) is worried that this signifies a return to the witchcraft and godlessness which ruled the town before his arrival. Sheriff Marshall (Fabrizio Santino РThe Naked Poet) continues his investigation and Johanna is held in custody awaiting trial.

At the same time, a mysterious old man called Thomas (Russell Shaw – Six Years Gone, Election Night) arrives in town and warns Twyla that evil forces are at play, she is in grave danger and will soon be branded a witch. When this comes to pass, William will have to find a way to unravel this evil and save his wife.

“Today in the market, an old man spoke to me. He told me there would be a trial tomorrow, that girl. He said that girl is some kind of devil and we are all in grave danger.”

Witch is a good folk tale, playing heavily into British ideas around witchcraft and demonic possession and doing it very well. It’s well filmed and the acting is pretty good, if a little too earnest in places.

It’s a good story with an interesting twist and feels fresh and original. There is plenty of horror to be had here, not least the attitudes in the 16th century which led to women being butchered for any misdemeanor all in the name of witchcraft (although in this case she deserved it).

Atmospheric and a great excuse for everyone to wear lots of fancy period costumes, this one is good fun and well worth a watch.

“This book is all we have in the struggle against those forces. Without it I fear we will be exposed.”

Witch is on UK Digital Platforms from 29th April 2024.

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DirectorCraig Hinde, Marc Zammit
StarringRussell Shaw, Ryan Spong, Sarah Alexander Marks, Fabrizio Santino, Daniel Jordan
Category: Digital, film, Review