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Secret Cinema’s Return Promo


Secret World Launches with Online Newspaper and Social Network for Live Cinema Experience
London, Tuesday 16th February 2016 – After the hugely successful Secret Cinema presents Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, Secret Cinema returns from this Wednesday, 17th February, with a new ‘Tell No One’ experience: a secret film, a secret London location, releasing confidential details…more

Nina Forever Review ***--

Cert 18 | 98 mins | 2016

3 stars for this gruesome and highly original love story.
Nina Forever is written and directed by Ben Blaine and Chris Blaine (Bad Education, Hello Panda) and comes at horror comedy from a whole new direction.
It won critical acclaim upon its release on the film festival circuit and is certainly unlike anything I have seen before. British films are often innovative…more


Official UK Trailer 

Adrien Brody and Sam Neill star in this spine-chilling mystery for the Insidious generation! Sustaining a nail-biting atmosphere throughout, Backtrack is the latest suspenseful Australian horror that will leave you guessing right until the shocking finale. The Babadook meets The Sixth Sense as this terrifying mystery unwinds and buried secrets are unveiled.
Adrien Brody (The Grand Budapest…more

Pandorica Promo


After an unknown event, the world has changed forcing people to return to a simpler way of life. We follow the leadership trials of the Varosha Tribe with Eiren, Ares and Thade all in line to lead the next generation of their colony. The three embark on a journey away from the safety of their home towards a remote forest…more

Rubble Kings Review ****-

Cert 15 | 71 mins | 2010

4 Star
The Story of the Painful Birth of Hip Hop
Director Shan Nicholson (Downtown Calling) brings us from the late 1960’s and the city of New York, through the period of being on its financial knees and onto the 70’s where mob rule was on every street corner and your colours told where you were from and how bad ass you…more

Fixed Bayonets *****

Cert PG | 92 mins | 1951

5 Star
Bullets, Snow, Fears and Bayonets.
Eureka brings us #127 in their Masters of Cinema collection, this classic war film set at the start of 1951 in the Korean War is the stark tale of fear whether it be bullets, the freezing cold, or inner demons.
Writer/ director Samuel Fuller (40 Guns) uses his own experiences from World War II to  write…more

The Little Penguin – Pororo’s Racing Adventure ***--

Cert U | 78 mins | 2016

3 stars for this fast paced and heartwarming children’s animation.
Just in time for half term, something to keep the little ones occupied!
The Little Penguin – Pororo’s Racing Adventure started it’s life as a South Korean / Chinese venture. This English adaptation is brought to us by Mychal Simka (A Mouse’s Tale, Frog Kingdom), who writes produces and directs.
Our title character…more

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