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The Little Penguin – Pororo’s Racing Adventure***--

Cert U | 78 mins | 2016

3 stars for this fast paced and heartwarming children’s animation.Pororo cover

Just in time for half term, something to keep the little ones occupied!

The Little Penguin – Pororo’s Racing Adventure started it’s life as a South Korean / Chinese venture. This English adaptation is brought to us by Mychal Simka (A Mouse’s Tale, Frog Kingdom), who writes produces and directs.

Our title character Pororo is a little penguin who lives with his friends in Porong village. Together they share a dream, to enter the Super Sled Championships in Northpia.

Pororo the gangThey have even built themselves little replicas of the Super sleighs they have watched on the television. Pororo’s is particularly impressive, customised by his friend Eddy, who has fitted it to be powered by lollipops.

Unfortunately this gives it rather too much power, resulting in Pororo accidentally bringing down a plane delivering a super sleigh to the Grand Prix. The pilots are Mango (Jon Heder – Blades of Glory) and Toto (Rob Schneider – Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo), two turtle mailmen who Pororo and friends mistake for sled champions.

Pororo Toto and MangoIn order to secure their help fixing the plane, they agree to offer them training and before they know it, the gang have found a way to head off to the competition.

Once enrolled however, they find it may be more difficult than they thought. The reigning champions, led by the White Tiger (Drake Bell – Ultimate Spiderman) are still in contention and this year the brown bear Fufu (Anthony Anderson – Black-ish) is back and will stop at nothing to win.

The fate of all Northpia lies on the result of this race. Can a little penguin from Porong get the job done?!

Pororo White Tiger and FufuThe Little Penguin – Pororo’s Racing Adventure is a really good fun, leave the brain at the door, kind of film for the whole family. Although obviously aimed at a very young audience, there is something here for everyone.

The animation is pretty good, a little basic, but the sleigh racing scenes are brilliant, very exciting, far more so than expected. The storyline is fairly predictable, but it is for kids after all and they will no doubt love the uplifting overall feel of the film.

There are also, you’ll be pleased to hear, lots of catchy little songs to get stuck in your head. Enjoy! Great for an afternoon in front of the telly, well worth a watch.

“We’re okay, but look what he did to our sweet ride. If he wins today kid, the future of Super Sleigh will be controlled by the three little bears.”

Pororo banner

The Little Penguin – Pororo’s Racing Adventure is available to buy now and will be released for Digital download and DVD on 15th Feb 2016

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DirectorMychal Simka
GenreAnimation, adventure
StarringRob Schneider, Drake Bell, Anthony Anderson, Jon Heder, Dallas Lovato
Available to buy on : Own The Little Penguin - Pororo's Racing Adventure on DVD