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Secret World Launches with Online Newspaper and Social Network for Live Cinema Experience


London, Tuesday 16th February 2016 – After the hugely successful Secret Cinema presents Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, Secret Cinema returns from this Wednesday, 17th February, with a new ‘Tell No One’ experience: a secret film, a secret London location, releasing confidential details only to ticket holders.


Attendees will embark on a 360-degree journey where the film is brought to life with over 35 actors, live music, and spectacular scenery, in Secret Cinema’s uniquely creative approach to live experiences. 

An insight into this Secret World through the official D.O.C.S. website ( initiated the first stage of the registration process for all ticket holders. Here they are issued with new personae for the event, a rank and character name for seamless integration into the show narrative. A second stage will unlock access to a private chat forum and hidden functions to discover the central themes of the event.


The D.O.C.S. website will also give audience members the opportunity to publish comment pieces through a fictional newspaper [The Washington Telegraph], allowing them to shape their own narrative journey into the world of the undisclosed film. Based on current events, this will blur the lines between the real world and the hyperreal Secret World they will attend.


The wider experience is designed to engage further than its primary entertainment function; it reflects and plays with the Zeitgeist while referencing the secret film. As with the Miller’s Crossing and The Shawshank Redemption experiences before, this 22nd production acts as a conversation opener and a platform for future discussions, encouraging attendees to share their thoughts and actively assume social responsibility.


Secret Cinema returns from February 17th to March 20th. 4 new show dates were recently added to accommodate those who missed out in the first release. Tickets are available from



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