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More from London Comic Con with MangaUK

Last week our friends over at Manga UK sent over a video recap of this year’s MCM London Comic Con. This time we get to see what Cosplayers were wearing at the event.
All are there, from “fifty million Deadpools” via the usual swarm of Manga/Anime characters with a small side order of Star Wars storm troopers to what seems to…more

Space Battleship Yamato Blu-ray Review *****

Cert 15 | 137 mins

4.5 Stars of Awesomeness, Space Battleship Yamato Lives.
This a live action version of the very popular animé series from 1974 of the same name.
2194 Captain Okita (Tsutomu Yamazaki, Departures) finds himself and his armada near the orbit of Mars, as Earth has come under the fire of an alien race that he knows nothing about, apart from they use…more

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