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Heart of an Oak Cinema Review ****-

Cert U | 80 mins | 2024

4 star mesmerising world in miniature.
Heart of an Oak (also known as Le Chêne) is a 2024 French wildlife documentary film, written and directed by Laurent Charbonnier (Winged Migration) and Michel Seydoux (Cyrano de Bergerac).
Following on from it’s premiere on the Icon Film Channel, it is coming to select UK cinemas from 12th July 2024 and on Digital download from 12th August 2024.
This glorious…more

Lassie: A New Adventure Digital Release Review ****-

Cert PG | 91 mins | 2024

4 star feel-good family fun.
Following on from the success of Lassie Comes Home (2020), Lassie: A New Adventure is a 2024 German film, dubbed for English audiences. It is written by Andreas Cordes and directed by Hanno Olderdissen (Rock My Heart, Family Commitments).
It is available on all major UK Digital Platforms from 15th July 2024, courtesy of Kaleidoscope Entertainment.
“That’s the 15th dog that’s been…more

Cash Out Digital Release Review ***--

Cert 15 | 92 mins | 2024

3 Star
Boom or Bust
Producer turned director Randall Emmett (The Irishman, End of Watch) brings us a cat-and-mouse heist story. A slow burner, but when you get into the film you can see where it is going, and you want to see how it turns out, thanks to the writing of Dipo Oseni (Duress) and Doug Richardson (Bad Boys, Die Hard…more

Hundreds of Beavers Cinema Review *****

Cert 12 | 108 mins | 2024

5 star, brilliantly bonkers beavers.
Hundreds of Beavers is a 2024 American slapstick comedy film, written by Mike Cheslik, who also makes his very impressive feature directorial debut and Rylan Brickson Cole Tews, who also stars.
Following it’s hugely successful festival circuit, it is showing in UK cinemas from 9th July 2024, courtesy of Lightbulb Film Distribution.
Jean Kayak (Rylan Brickson Cole Tews)…more

A Greyhound of a Girl Cinema Review ****-

Cert U | 88 mins | 2024

4 stars, an emotional roller coaster of a film.
A Greyhound of a Girl is a 2024 animated family film based on the 2011 novel of the same name written by Roddy Doyle (The Commitments, Rosie). It is adapted for the big screen by Dave Ingham (Mini Bods, The Rubbish World of Dave Spud) and Enzo D’Alò (Pinocchio, Lucky and Zorba),…more

The Last Breath DVD and Digital Review ****-

Cert 15 | 96 mins | 2024

4 star shark infested underwater action.
The Last Breath is a 2024 horror/thriller film, written by Andrew Prendergast (The Courier, Parasite) and Nick Saltrese (A Prayer Before Dawn), and directed by Joachim Hedén (Breaking Surface, Framily).
It is available on DVD and UK Digital Platforms from 1st July 2024, courtesy of Signature Entertainment.
“Crazy old Levi was right all along, and it was…more

Jon-Paul Gates Showreel, and Gimp and the Hitman Trailer

2.24 mins | 2024

RRR’s friend, actor, producer, director and presenter Jon-Paul Gates (London Bridge is Falling Down: Build it up!, The Color of your skin, The Haunted Studio, Vampires True or Fiction Documentary, Love on Demand) has been kind enough to send us his new showreel, and his thrilling new trailer for the new film The Gimp and the Hitman, written, directed and…more

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