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Famous Ghost Stories Revisited.

Steven M. Smith (The Haunting Of Borley Rectory, The Ghosts Of Borley Rectory, Essex Boys: Law Of Survival, Doll House, Dead Again) once again delves into the mysteries of the supernatural and all things spooky in this Drama-Documentary about Britain’s greatest ghost stories. This fifty minute release is a great way to peak the interest of any future ghost-hunter, or to rekindle the dormant paranormal investigator in you.

Paranormal Investigator Daniel Jones (Ghost Hosts) has teamed up with knowledgable people to look into Britain’s most famous locations, for the spooky and the down-right scary. Dan has brought together Serina Hardwyck (Sarah Dorsett, Tomorrow Never Knows), Gavin Yardly-Smith (Lee Hancock, The Legend of Jack and Jill), and Rachel Beaumont (Louisa Warren, The Ghosts of Borley Rectory).

They plan to use modern techniques that the famed British Psychic researcher Harry Price 1881 – 1948 never had at hand, such as Dan’s high-tech gadgetry, the internet and collections of photos from the 1920s-30s, until the rectory burnt to the ground in 1939 and was subsequently bulldozed in the 1950s.

Serina on photos, as her empathic abilities let her have an infinity with those relics of the past. Gavin on the national archives, and Rachel on the online archives. While Dan investigates the grounds where a nun reportedly roams and a ghostly coach and horses ride by.

The scene is set for the investigation into the many reports that Harry Price documented for the Daily Mirror back in the day. See the teams results as they search into the previous owners of the rectory. Also, the team visit a record-breaking village, with a very chequered past and a lot of residents that have never wanted to leave after their mortal coil has shuffled off.

Britain’s Greatest Ghost Stories is a good way to get into the spiritual side of your personality and to see if you agree with our foursomes results.

BRITAIN’S GREATEST GHOST STORIES, will be available from 23rd Oct

In the UK through 101 Films it will be released on Amazon, iTunes, Sky Store.

USA through ITN Distribution it will be released on Amazon, iTunes, Tubi, YouTube, Plex, Vudu, Freevee, Google Play, Microsoft, Reveel

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StarringSarah Dorsett, Lee Hancock, Daniel Jones, Emma Topping, Louisa Warren