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Agrinai Movie Review****-

Cert (TBC) | 93 mins | 2024

4 Star

Death Comes at Night

The Malaysian dynamic duo Thanesh Perrabu, Viknes Perrabu (The Snake and Ladder Gameboard: Paramapatham,  Rajathanthiram: The Piano), once again bring us a cracking thriller in their new movie release. They delve into the most dangerous minds of the worst kind of human beings, serial killers. Prepare to be scared.

Agrinai, starts with a cautionary tale of what happens when you capture injured animals.

Dr Jaghan (Viknes Perrabu), his son Vikash, his daughter Mozhi, and his wife Agazhya are heading into the lush forests and tea plantations. Ever climbing higher, which affects Mozhi’s asthma, so the windows are wound down and everybody enjoys the beautiful scenery. Also heading to the highlands is Joshua (Shamaaraj Shanker), a young man on a motorbike, who knows the local villagers. Ultimately, Joshua and Dr Jaghan are headed to the same place.


The Dexter Asylum, where Dr Jaghan, Joshua, and Mani are running a high-tech experiment on the worst of the worst in society, three serial killers that are only known as Red (Aghonderan Shahadevan, One Cent Thief (TV Series)), Green (Vimal Narainan, Vaagai Sooda Vaa, Ghilli), and Blue (Akshninder Singh Maghanian, Savaaya – A Symbol of Courage (Short)) or RGB.

While the family settle in at the ‘holiday’ home, Mozhi is suffering from anxiety, about the play she will be performing in soon. The results are favourable for Jaghan’s techniques, except for Red, who is a special kind of Serial Killer, and it takes his archaeological expert wife to work out why. They are dealing with something that transcends thousands of years. When Mani shatters the silence of the night, Jaghan and his family and the local villagers are in mortal danger.

Agrinai, An award-winning feature comes with high production values, beautiful vistas, great camera angles, as we get into the scary bits, as frantic eyes wander so does the camera angles. Very atmospheric. Plus music from Ganessan Manohggran (Theme Song), plus music from M. Jagathees, and Thivyah Barathan.

Menacing and Murderous.

Agrinai will be in Cinemas on the 29th Feb

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DirectorThanesh Perrabu, Kohgulan
GenreHorror, Sci-Fi, Thriller
StarringPerrabu Viknesh, Aghonderan Sahadevan, Akshninder Singh Maghanian, Vimal Vimal, Dinitha Segar