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Rally Road Racers Cinema Review****-

Cert U | 92 mins | 2023

4 star turbo charged family fun.

Rally Road Racers is a star studded 2023 children’s animated adventure, written and directed by Ross Venokur (The Tick).

It will be showing in cinemas across the UK from 15th September 2023, courtesy of Vertigo Releasing.

“Winners are always winning, even when they are losing. Hmm. I gotta go.”

Zhi (Jimmy O. Yang – Space Force, The Monkey King) is a slow loris living in The Loris Village with his Granny Bai (Lisa LuThe Last Emperor, Crazy Rich Asians). Although the loris enjoy a leisurely pace of life, Zhi has always longed to race, even disrupting a local festival and meeting a fellow speed junkie, Shelby (Chloe Bennet – Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D). He enters races and is fast, but always seems to go to pieces as soon as he gets into the lead. His Granny tries to discourage him, but he is determined and his friend Gnash (J.K. Simmons –  Glorious, Patriots Day), a goat who sells bumper stickers at the race track, tries to help him out.

One day out of the blue, bulldozers turn up at The Loris Village, belonging to Archie Vainglorious (John Cleese – A Fish Called Wanda, The Meaning of Life), a prestigious Rally racer and winner, who also happens to be a part of Vainglorious Industries. They wish to redevelop The Loris Village in order to create “Muddy Meadows”, a housing development for toads.

Desperate to save his village, he challenges Vainglorious in the upcoming Silk Road Rally. It turns out that Gnash used to be a driver, but with very little time, can he make Zhi into a winner? With a brilliantly mixed bag of contestants and hilarious commentary from Abby Jacks (Sharon Horgan – Together, Dating Amber) and her sister-in-law Juni (Catherine Tate – Doctor Who, The Nan Movie), the race is under way!

“Hey, check it out! Tai Chi with a beetle. Tai Cheetle!”

Rally Road Racers is a brilliantly fun film for the whole family. There is plenty here for youngsters to enjoy, fabulous crisp and colourful animation and a very funny script as well as a nail biting race that will keep them on the edge of their seats.

There are also little Easter eggs in here for the adults to enjoy, for example The Brexit button in the British team’s car and the nice nod to the video for Take On Me by A-ha. It’s great to hear so many familiar voices too.

Heartwarming and laugh out loud funny, this one is well worth a trip to the cinema on a wet and windy day.

“Muddy Meadows. Luxury high-end swamplands for the posh Toad set.”

Rally Road Racers is in UK cinemas from 15th September 2023.

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DirectorRoss Venokur
GenreAdventure, comedy, family
StarringJimmy O' Yang, J.K. Simmons, John Cleese, Chloe Bennett, Lisa Lu