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Mikagura School Suite Review

Cert 15 | 12 x 23 mins | 2015

5 Star

A Girl battles for Love.

Funimation and All The Anime bring us a light hearted story of a girls crush on the grand daughter of the school Principal (Yuri). This series was written by Masahiro Yokotani (The Devil is a Part Timer) and produced by Dogakobo (Majestic Prince).

Eruna Ichinomiya is a young girl who has to choose her high school, but she spends all her time with her face in her personal device. She plays perverted games where she whisks away a young maiden to their secret storeroom.

But her mother insists that she choose so she lackadaisically looks into it. She finds nothing that interests her, they either have good classes but uninspiring uniforms or vice a versa. Her cousin Shigure Ninomiya  has a massive crush on her and he thinks that they could have normal babies together. He shows her the pamphlet for the Mikagura Private Academy, his school.

She flips through the pamphlet with as much interest as she normally does until she spots a stunning beauty in the cutest uniform and immediately falls in love with her and she asks Ninomiya who she is, Seisa Mikagura the principal’s granddaughter is the answer.

Eruna decides to take the entrance exam, she is nervous as she hasn’t studied or crammed. She is let in and given an aptitude test that is way too easy, she thinks they are trick questions, but she is soon put right and then it is on to the interview. 

A dark room and a voice rings out, as her eyes adjust she spots something strange but it doesn’t phase her, a flying cat is the only other thing in the room and it is he that is talking. He introduces himself as Bimii and he tells her the rules of the school. The main one is that all student must be a member of a cultural club. The school works on a points system and to earn points you must be in a club and then those clubs must battle with the other clubs on the campus and those that win earn points and perks, such as a bedroom and food and then luxuries. She passes the interview, mainly because she can see Bimii.

It is soon new term time and she arrives at the school and is given a sleeping bag and a place in the corridor to sleep. Now she must join a club and she spends her time going around the school checking out the different clubs and their styles of magic.

But the only thing she is really interested in is finding out where Seisa and her club is (The Going Home Club). Bimii is now her constant companion and mentor and he instructs her in the rules of combat in the club challenges and the special abilities that the students can unlock to destroy the three crystals that float above their heads during battles, all students use an object to project their special powers except her love Seisa who can use her “Killing Art” ability with the aid of a focus.

Now all this ‘idiot’ of a girl has to do is find a club, battle and win the girl, Easy, Not!

A fun little series that will keep you laughing to the end.


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DirectorKazuomi Koga
GenreYuri, Comedy, Drama
Available to buy on : Own it on Blu-Ray
Category: Anime, Blu-ray, Dubbed, Review