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Mobile Suit Gundam Movie Trilogy Review****-

Cert PG | 3 x 140 mins | 1979-80

4 Star

Classic Anime.

All the Anime bring us the classic 70’s-80’s anime of rivalries, independence and war. This Exclusive Mobile Suit Gundam Movie Trilogy Blu-ray set will be released on 27th March and is limited to 500 units only. Now brought together the original series put together to make a trilogy of movies, (Mobile Suit Gundam Movie I, Mobile Suit Gundam Movie II: Soldiers of Sorrow, Mobile Suit Gundam Movie III: Encounters in Space) with over six hours of pure nostalgia. Or if you have never heard of it this is a delve into a world of Mecha and space battles that thrilled many a viewer since the late 70’s.

It is the year 0079 and high above the over populated Earth, Massive space colonies exist and have been there for decades. The humans on-board live their lives as they would if they had free reign on the planet surface. The Space colonies (Side 1-8) are part of the Earth Federation but those that are furthest from the planet Earth (Side 7) declare themselves Principality of Zeon and become independent, they also attack Side 3 starting a war. Millions die on both sides until both sides loose half their populace.

Now after a stalemate of eight months the Zeon empire are sending a warship to Side 7 whilst all Federation eyes are on the approaching enemy ship, the populace is evacuated to safe area.

Mean while three Zeon pilots, Slender, Gene, and Denim, enter Side 7 in their MS-06F Zaku II mobile suits manage to gain entry too Side 7 and make their way too spy upon the populace.

But what they see is a deserted city and just one car moving and one woman on the street. Then they see mobile suits being transported to a military base.

The woman on the street is Fraw Bo and she is headed to Amuro Ray’s house, she finds him as usual with him looking down a microscope and oblivious to the sirens blaring all over the city.

The Zeons were on a reconnaissance mission because of people like Amuro’s father who is a military engineer and has been working on the  ‘V Project’, RX-78-2 Gundam Mobile suit.

After Amuro and Fraw make it to the emergency shelter when the rookie Gene takes it upon himself too attack the non-commissioned suits, to make sure they do not fight against Zeon. Amuro and the others feel the explosions as the suits and transporters are destroyed, Amuro takes it upon himself to go see if he can get all the civilians to be evacuated to the new warship ‘White Base’. He drives off and comes across a couple of soldiers trying to get inside the facility when a zeon missile lands next to them, they are killed and Amuro is thrown from his car. Amongst the shrapnel Amuro finds the Schematics for the Gundam suit.

The enemy report back their findings to Char as they continue their attack, which wipes out many of the fleeing civilians. Fraw survives the attack and Amuro has to console her before he can convince her to get to the space port.

Amuro is a go getter when he isn’t peering down a microscope and he knows he must try and stop this attack. He is armed with the schematics of the Gundam so he jumps into the prone suit and quickly manages to read the correct pages and powers up the suit.

Spend the next few hours watching the struggle between two enemies as the new civilian crew of the White Base battle a hardened enemy, as they find love, loose loved ones and struggle to survive the horrors of War.

A must have for those that love 80’s anime and a great investment for those that are curious for nostalgia.

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DirectorYoshiyuki Tomino
GenreMecha, War, Drama