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Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero, The Complete Series DVD Review****-

Cert 15 | 12 x 22 mins | 2012

4 Star Sword, Sorcery and Renkankei-kikou fun.asrhcover

The story starts where most stories end, as Akatsuki Ousawa has killed the Last Dark Lord, in the land of Alayzard, a place that young males and females are occasionally whisked to through a portal from Earth. Alayzard is a land of Swords, magic and Renkankei-kik, (Chi, the training of the bodies inherent powers).

asrhakatsukiBut the Dark Lord had a dying wish and that wish was that Akatsuki would be the guardian of his only heir, Myuu his daughter. He agrees and returns to Earth via a portal.

Those that do return from Alayzard do so with new powers and they are housed and trained by BABEL. Akatsuki is different from all the others at the complex as he did not train in any magic whilst in Alayzard, but instead trained his body in Renkankei-kikou, the manipulation of hisasrhmyuu bodies Chi.

He smuggles Myuu in a holdall into the High school claiming that she is his long lost sister who he found in Alayzard.

This is where we see the main running theme of this series ‘Breasts’, as Myuu has trouble finding undergarments that fit her properly. But our Rogue hero the pervert comes in handy, as he spends a lot of time groping and fondling said breasts, much to the annoyance of the other females in the class B and the vice-president of the student council, Haruka Nagase, who takes an instant dislike to this arrogant pervert.

He finds out the High School has a few tricks up it’s sleeves as he finds that the bracelet that everybody is given, gives the wearer the ability to summon a weapon based on the wearer. But Akatsuki can’t summon his until he borrows 7 of his classmates bracelets.

asrhpantiesBut they soon find out that Akatsuki has a few other talents based on his power of Chi, 1: he can stand on any vertical surface and 2: he can remove undergarments at whim, much to the distress of any female suffering this fate. But it does amuse Akatsuki.

Akatsuki, despite his flaws, soon makes friends with his class b classmates and they spend their time helping to save little girls, the parents are grateful and they afford them some time off for their heroic deeds.

This time is spent on the beach and Akatsuki’s group soon find them selves involved in the 25th annual beach ‘tag’ game and Akatsuki ends up as it.

The one that is holding number 88’s (Akatsuki’s)asrh25thmiu shorts after an hour will be the winner of the large prize fund. There is hilarity as our hero decides that if everybody on the beach is after his shorts as a prize, why doesn’t he collect a few trophies along the way, whipping off shorts and bikini tops at will.

By the end of the hour Akatsuki is getting to grips with Myuu in the sea.

asrhphilipThe series starts to get a little more asrhakiiserious as those in Alayzard start to think on the consequences of Myuu’s disappearance as fighting starts spreading across the land now that the Last Dark Lord has been vanquished. They decide to send back a human that has grown up within their realm, Philip Burnett, an arrogant young man with a chip on his shoulder that Akatsuki is a hero but not him.

This is great fun to watch, We sat watching the whole lot laughing out loud.

Well worth adding to your Anime collection

asrhbanner3Available to Buy on DVD and Blu-ray Now.

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DirectorRion Kujou
GenreRomantic Comedy, Action, Fantasy, Harem, Lewd and Lascivious Behaviour (Ecchi).
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