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Beyond the Boundary Review*****

Cert 12 | 12 x 25 mins | 2013

btbcover5 Star

High school Kids vs Daemons

Taken from the light novels written by Nagomu Torii, with illustrations by Tomoyo Kamoi. Adapted for the small screen by Kyoto Animation and directed by Taichi Ishidate (Lucky Star), they bring us a beautiful story of love, perversion, daemons, loyalty, betrayal and curses.

btbakihitoAkihito Kanbara is a second year high school student who loves being a member of the literary club and one day while he btbmirai1is walking to a meeting he spots a young female first year student stood on top of the roof parapet. Fearing she is about to jump and due to the fact that she is wearing spectacles (perversion number one), he rushes up to roof to save this bespectacled beauty. But to his btbintroductionsurprise this bespectacled beauty has a different idea of a first meeting.

She leaps over the fence and produces a sword (made from her own blood) ew. Mirai Kuriyama impales Akihito on her sword and tells him “You are no match for me). But when he doesn’t die she is surprised.

btbyoumuAkihito is an immortal half-youmu, the offspring of a youmu and a human. He has the ability to heal quickly from any wound albeit still experiencing pain. Over the next few weeks Mirai tries every day to kill Akihito, much to his annoyance. Whilst still trying to do his school work and attend the literary club along with his school friends Mitsuki Nasewho and her brother Hiroomi Nase, who know about Akihito’s condition as they are Spirit World Warriors and the Nase family govern the SWW in the fight against the nasty youmu, who are the embodiment of all the bad feelings that humans have.

btbmitshiroMitsuki is always teasing Akihito and calling her brother a pervert as she knows that he lusts after her (perversion number two). Akihito and Marai form a strange friendship and he trys very hard to get Marai to integrate but she stays aloof. She is always moaning on social media and she is always hungry as she has no money. This is where Akihito gets his chance aas he points out that the SWW of which she is btbyoumustoneone, earn their money from killing the youmu and cashing in on the youmu-stone that is left after they have been dispatched. But she is an SWW who has never killed a youmu even though she uses Akihito like a pin cushion, she has been training on him. Despite this revelation he helps her bag her first money.

What all SWW fear is the Beyond the Boundary, an all powerful youmu that could destroy the planet. It will come, but where will it come from and how will btbpervertthey destroy it? With the job they have there is a lot of fun to be had with this series as they battle the youmu to keep the balance and balance their bank accounts. Though I think with its content that it is suited to the older teenage market. You will love the ending.

A Beauty in glasses under the moon.

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DirectorTaichi Ishidate
GenreAnimation, Action, Comedy
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