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Blue Exorcist The Movie DVD Release Review*****

5 Star Mystical demon hunting from the son of Satan.bxcover

This films tags along with the highly popular manga series and anime series.

What lifts this up is the amazing backdrops and the slick and beautiful animation. As we are thrown into a stand alone movie that anyone can get into, the back story of the series is explained as part of the films own story-line.

bxrinyukioThe film sees a father telling his twin sons Rin and Yukio a story about a little boy from a small village, who  finds a little fun demon that he plays with. Soon both are laughing and playing, the rest of the village see this and want to be a part of it and soon the whole village is having a great time. But nothing is getting done, none of the farm work or house work. things start to fall into disrepair but everybody is still enjoying themselves until an exorcist spots what is going on and seals the demon away, but it is too late for the village and it is lost to history.

To stop people from forgetting, they start to holdbxfestival a festival to be a reminder of the dangers of the demon.

It’s eleven years later and the True Cross Academy is getting ready for the festival and as usual Rin is late for what ever he is supposed to be doing.

He has work to do and he and his brother, along with Academy friend Shiemi, are charged with exorcising a phantom train known as “man eating train” that bxtraintakes the souls of humans as it rides the tracks. As usual Yukio is the brains of the operation and Rin thinks with his heart, as does Shiemi, as she uses her greenman magic to collect the souls, once they are on board the train. Things seems to be going well until Rin goes to see Yukio on top of the train just as the demon wakes to their presence.

Meanwhile Shura and Cheng-Long Liu are re-enforcing the seals onbxshiemi the True Cross Academy Town to protect it from the demons. They witness the debacle that is going on on the train tracks as Rin and Yukio fight the demon, but eventually it plummets to the depths of the city.

bxusamaroThey cause collateral damage of the city and train but during this a small boy is discovered. He is like a feral cat as he jumps about and attacks Rin, who ends up being charged with his study as part of the punishment for the train trouble and it’s placed in a cage once it is found out he is an unknown demon.

Usamaro is its name and when it finally talks, the pair start to get along, spending time together and start enjoying each others company. Whilst others spend their time looking for the remnants of the train, the demon world starts to encroach on the festival putting everybody in danger.

Great addition to the Blue Exorcist franchise and a great addition to your anime collection even if you haven’t heard of it before.


Available on DVD and Blu-ray on 26th May.


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