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Dragon Ball Collection 3 DVD Review****-

Cert 12 | 25x22 mins | 2002

4 Star, Goku against the Red Ribbon Army.db3cover

Carrying on from Dragon Ball Season 2, these disks take us from episode 58-83 adding to this great series, as we see Goku continue his search for his grandfathers four star ball. This release gives us two full Saga’s ( Commander Red Saga and Fortuneteller Baba Saga).

db3reddb3taoCommander Red is fed up with Goku and his continued annihilation of his commanders and his collection of the dragon balls.

So he calls in the number one assassin, Mercenary Tao, a ruthless man he is and it comes at a very high price, but Commander Red is determined and will pay any price to have the dragon balls in his possession. As his underlings are having trouble retrieving the ones they have been sent to collect, even though they are in the bubbling crater of an active volcano. Tao shows his prowess upon the newly returned General Blue before he is directed in the direction of Goku and his stash of dragon balls as the volcano erupts and sends the dragon ball to the land of Korin.db3boraupa

Where it is found by Bora and his son Upa, Bora being the guardian of the Korin tower and ancient sky reaching tower that it is fable to hold sacred water at the top that can double your strength.

Bora fends of Captain yellow as he tries to retrieve the four star ball, he is beaten back, so he tries a different tact and kidnaps Upa just as Goku arrives and saves Upa on the flying Nimbus.

db3tao1Tao shows off his strength by breaking of a stone column as he is told that Korin is about 140 miles away. He throws the pillar in the air and jumps up and rides the thrown pillar the long distance to Korin where he lands it in the middle of Goku, Upa and Bora, Bora tells Tao to leave the sacred area but the mercenary takes little heed and shows him his contempt by killing Bora in front of Upa.

Goku gets a severe beating from Tao, but manages to singe his outfit, Tao being very conscious of his looks he fires his deadly Dodon Wave at Goku, believing him dead he takes the dragon balls and heads for a tailor.

But even the greatest mercenary can make a mistake.

db3babaWith the death of Bora, Goku now has a reason to collect all the balls, to wish for the return of Bora. He will do anything to defeat those who are in the way of him finding all seven dragon balls. This is where Master Roshi suggests the fortuneteller Baba, the best seer in the world, but the knowledge  comes at a high price, or they must fight her best five fighters, the last being a masked man that Roshi finds familiar.

A continuing story of Goku’s rise to fame, there are three years till the next tournament how much can a young boy learn as he is sent out into the World to gain experience before they all meet up again at the gates of the worlds best Martial arts Tournament.

db3bannerAvailable to Buy on DVD Now.

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GenreAction, Adventure, Martial Arts
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