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Elimination Game DVD Review***--

Cert 18 | 90 mins | 2014

elimgcover3 Star One man against the world.

Writer, director and producer Jon Hewitt (X: Night of Vengeance) brings us the seventh film in his portfolio. A film about one man imprisoned for horrendous crimes against innocents in the theatre of war.


elimgdictatorAt the start of the film we see a businessman fly into Tripoli, Libya. After passing the stringent security checks he is allowed to enter the city. In his room he regurgitates a bullet on a string and turns his briefcase into a rifle. Across town the Dictator of Libya (Roger Ward, Mad Max) stares out at his domain as a girl undresses him. elimgpresidentHe gloats as he stands in his dressing gown and then he sees a flash of light just before his head explodes. This was the president of the US'(Carmen Duncan, Liquid Bridge)  last ditched attempt to stop a war in Africa. But other powers that be are war mongers and they report the mission was a failure. General Thatcher (Nicholas Hammond, Lord of the Flies) is the one delivering the news.
elimgrickNow three years later Rick Tyler (Dominic Purcell, Blade Trinity) is serving life plus one thousand years for murdering innocent women and children during the start of World War Africa. Even in the extreme security military prison of Neo-Alcatraz somebody wants Rick dead as someone tries to shiv him in the shower.

elimgmeridthHe can live with his sentence and just wants to serve it out, he sees it is fitting even though he has no recollection of the events as he took a bullet to the head. Until Meredith Baxter (Belinda McClory, X: Night of Vengeance) shows up at the prison and offers him a way out and a pardon at the end of it.

elimgturkeyShe runs the biggest TV show on the planet, Turkey Shoot, where criminals of the world are put into an arena heavily laden with cameras and have to get from A to B while four top hunters try to kill them. If you can get to the end of level three where twelve hunters are after you, you go free.

elimgteenantomHosted by Teena Fine (Suzannah McDonald, One Night) and Tom Faye (Juan Jackson) the show has the biggest rating and are trying to bring in more, the reason why Rick is contestant 177.

This is General Thatchers plan to finally get rid of Rick as he is the final link in elimgthatcherhis biggest mistake, the War. Now he is bedridden in hospital as his body is riddled with cancer.

But Ricks biggest problem is Ramrod (Robert Taylor, Focus) the sniper with 86 kills in the show.

elimgramrodHe is known to Rick as they both served in the military at the same time. There is bad blood between them and Ramrod wants to put down the butcher of innocence. He and three other assassins are brought in to stop Rick getting to the checkpoint.

We are treated to a bloodfest as Rick battles his way through jungles and cities trying to take on the hunters who are after his head. Will the baying audience get their fill as Rick takes Meredith’s ratings through the roof?

If you’re a fan of late 80’s films Running man and Robocop this is a film for you.elimglevel1Available to Order Online Now.

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DirectorJon Hewitt
StarringDominic Purcell, Robert Taylor, Belinda McClory, Nicholas Hammond, Carmen Duncan
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