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Fireball XL5 Complete Series Remastered in HD Review****-

Cert U | 1,170 mins | 1962-63

4 Star

Time to Save the Universe.

After the success of the thirty-nine episodes of  Supercar, producers Gerry and Sylvia Anderson (Stingray (TV Series), Thunderbirds (TV Series), Joe 90 (TV Series)) created the children’s series Fireball XL5, to take children into the new frontier of space. Where the World Space Patrol are tasked with keeping Earth and Interstellar space safe from all threats. All thanks to APF, ATV and ITC Entertainment, and now thanks to Network Distributing we get to see it in HD.

Ok, Venus, Ok, Steve… Right Let’s go!

Fireball XL5 is one of thirty interstellar spaceships that are based in the South Pacific at the World Space city, where the safety of the Universe sits upon their shoulders. Commander Wilbur Zero (John Bluthal, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, Superman III) is the man in charge, his second is Lieutenant Ninety (David Graham, Supercar (TV Series), Stingray (TV Series)) who tracks everything going on in space.

He is mainly in contact with Colonel Steve Zodiac (Paul Maxwell, Thunderbirds Are GO, Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons (TV Series)) who is in command of Fireball XL5 along with Space doctor Venus (Sylvia Anderson, Thunderbird 6, Joe 90 (TV Series)), and Professor Matthew “Matt” Matic (David Graham, Dr Who, Stingray) engineer, navigator and science officer, who created XL5’s co-pilot Robert the robot. Along with Venus’ pet Zoonie the Lazoon a semi-telepathic pet from planet Colevio.

With exciting episodes such as “The Doomed Planet”, “Plant Man From Space”, “XL5 To H2O”, “Convict in Space” and “The Forbidden Planet” XL 5 and its crew certainly have their work cut out. Never mind the exploits of Mr and Mrs Boris and Griselda Space Spy, who repeatedly try to foil Zodiac at every space turn.

It is great to see this series back to life in High Definition and how it was meant to be, strings-and-all. No CGI, just great workmanship and a lot of small pyrotechnics, thanks to special-effects director Derek Meddings (Stingray (TV Series), Live and Let Die). All thirty-nine episodes and more (See Below).

This is a real treat for any Gerry Anderson, or Supermarionation fan, a great stocking filler for that festive treat.

This exclusive, limited edition set (available at Network Distributing)





Special Features:

• Exclusive, limited edition deluxe packaging
• Brand-new Fireball XL5 comic by Martin Cater
• Brand-new Fireball XL5 scrapbook
Fireball XL5 WSP Astronaut license and badge
Robots in Distress: brand-new Robert the Robot animation
Cloud of a Billion Lights: brand-new Fireball XL5 CD Mini LP audio adventure
Fireball XL5 home movie show: Walton 8mm cutdowns
A Wonderland of Stardust documentary
Drawn in Supermarionation documentary
A Day in the Life of a Space General colourised version
• Zoom Ice Lolly adverts
• Image gallery

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DirectorJohn Kelly, Alan Pattillo
GenreAnimation, Family, Sci-Fi
StarringDavid Graham, Sylvia Anderson, Paul Maxwell, Gerry Anderson