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Last Exile: Fam, The Silver Wing Part 1 DVD Review.****-

Cert 12 | 300 mins

4 Stars of beautiful Diesel Punklastexilecover1

lastexilefamandgiselleYears ago humans had rendered their planet all but useless, They left to colonise the stars.

Now generations have passed by and skyships look like new moons in the night sky above Earth.

The returnees are the Turan’s and those that never sought  the stars are the Ades and they are not happy that now they have made Earth habitable and prosperous again these deserters think they can return and take up where they left off.

A war wages between the two factions and they both have vast Armadas of sky Battleships.lastexilearmada3lastexilearmada

They approach each other with the promise of a treaty over the sacred Grand Lake.

But the leader of the Ades fleet has no plans of negotiation and calls War on the Turan and so the slaughter of the unsuspecting Turan begins.lastexilebattleThis is where young sky-pirate Fam and her co-pilot and navigator Giselle arrive on the scene flying their Vespa Vanship.

It soon becomes apparent to Fam that there has been a betrayal of the young princesses of the Turan, who are standing in for their gravely ill father.

The pirates operate by the first harpoon policy, (who ever lands the first harpoon get to decide the fate of the ship they harpoon).

lastexilefamFam decides to be the first to harpoon the Turan flag ship as the Ades start firing on the whole Turan Fleet with aims of taking the princesses alive and to hell with all the others.

Fam gets first harpoon on the Flagship and decides to offer the princesses a safe-haven for the exchange for their Flagship. They agree although reluctantly and the pirates start their rescue mission.

With the princesses rescued and the pirates aligned with them, can they win the battle to unite the human race?

With beautiful animation and CGI this is a heart warming tale of a young heroine with a mighty task. With hopes and memories of a better past Fam is always thinking about winning the Grand race, will her dreams come true?

lastexilebannerAvailable to Buy on DVD and Blu-ray Now

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