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Magi: The Kingdom of Magic Season 2 part 2*****

Cert 15 | 11 x 22 mins | 2013

mtkoms2p25 Star

Magical Wizardry

An awesome end to the series as episodes 14-25 brings the tale of Aladdin and his friend as they separate to search out their paths in life.

mtkoms2p2cityAladdin’s new friend at Magnostadt, Titus, is a magician sent by Sheherazade to keep mtkoms2p2magan eye on the leader of the city, Mogamett, the man who created this great city for the betterment of all magicians. Aladdin, Titus and Sphintus have been promoted and can now travel to different districts and enjoy seeing the many magical marvels that have been created. But when they finally get into the 5th district they are shocked to find that the vast majority of Magnostadt’s populace live in poverty, but don’t work and want for nothing, but at a price. mtkoms2p2margaTheir Magoi can be siphoned off at any time and as much as is required. This is where they mtkoms2p2pitmeet Marga, a young girl with a serious ailment and when other official magicians turn up for inspection they find the useless Marga and she is summarily tossed over the edge of the massive pit in the centre of district 5.

After being forgiven for the trespassing things get serious for our intrepid wizards as Mogamett declares that Magnostadt will stand and protect all its citizens against all oppressors as the Reim empire draw near to the Magnostadt shores. What will Titus do as his queen threatens his friends and his new ward Marga?

I don’t want to say to much as this would spoil the suspense of this ace series.

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GenreFantasy, Adventure
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