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My Darling Clementine Review*****

Cert PG | 97 mins | 1946

mdccover5 Star Classic Top Shelf Western.

This Limited Edition sees John Ford‘s (Stagecoach, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, The Grapes of Wrath) 1946 version of the telling of the fight at the OK Corral. With two versions of the film, the one we all know and love and a longer ruff cut copy that was shown to preview audience. Now remastered to 4K clarity this is an ace way to spend an afternoon in front of the largest television you can find. See Special features below.

mdcwyattWyatt Earp (Henry Fonda, 12 Angry Men, The Longest Day) and his brothers Morgan (Ward Bond, Wagon Train),  Virgil (Tim Holt, Six-Gun Gold) and the young James Earp (Don Garner, FBI Girl). Wyatt has left Marshalling in Dodge and become a cattle-man along with his brothers, herding 10,000 head of mdcoldmanclantoncattle East to California. When crossing the scrub lands he comes across Old Man Clanton (Walter Brennan, Rio Bravo) and his eldest son Ike (Grant Withers, The White Squaw) who offer to buy his herd of scrawny cattle but Wyatt isn’t interested.

But the sound of a shave and a beer in the nearby town of Tombstone does appeal and after dinner Wyatt, Morgan and Virgil head into town, leaving James in charge of the camp and the cattle.

mdcmorganTombstone is a noisy and vibrant place, but it is a haven in a desolate area. With the thoughts of a clean shave the boys settle down to get cleaned up, but a drunken native American starts shooting up the place, nearly hitting the boys, but no one wants to get in there and shut up Indian Charlie. It comes down to Wyatt to put a stop to Indian Charlie’s Shenanigans and this gets him the offer of being Marshal of Tombstone, which he turns down of course.

mdcjamesBut when they get back from a good night out, disaster James has been shot in the back and all the cattle have gone and there are no prints as the rain is lashing down. With No other way to turn the Earp’s head back to Tombstone, where enraged at the death of his brother Wyatt excepts the job of Marshal and with his remaining brothers as mdcchinclemdeputy’s he starts to settle in as he tries to find the thieves and his brothers killer. With The local enforcer out of town in the shape of Doc Holliday (Victor Mature, Samson and Delilah) who has a sweetheart in the form of Chihuahua (Linda Darnell, The Mark of Zorro) and his betrothed Clementine Carter (Cathy Downs, Thunder in the Dust).

We all know the end events but it is the journey that get you there, so sit back and enjoy the ride.

mdcdocnmacAnd What a job Mac the barman (J. Farrell MacDonald, Meet John Doe) does, don’t fancy his job



Special Features

·         High Definition (1080p) Blu-ray presentations of My Darling Clementine’s theatrical and ‘pre-release’ versions and Frontier Marshal

·         Original uncompressed PCM mono 1.0 sound

·         Optional English subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing

·         Reversible sleeve featuring original and newly commissioned artwork by Jay Shaw




·         4K digital film restoration

·         Commentary on the theatrical version by author Scott Eyman and Earp’s grandson, Wyatt Earp III

·         John Ford and Monument Valley – a 2013 documentary on the director’s lifelong association with Utah’s Monument Valley containing interviews with Peter Cowie (author of John Ford and the American West), John Ford, John Wayne, Henry Fonda, James Stewart and Martin Scorsese

·         Movie Masterclass – a 1988 episode of the Channel 4 series, devoted to My Darling Clementine and presented by Lindsay Anderson

·         Lost and Gone Forever – a visual essay by Tag Gallagher on the themes that run through My Darling Clementine and the film’s relationship with John Ford’s other works

·         Stills gallery

·         Theatrical Trailer




·         2K digital film restoration of the ‘pre-release’ version of My Darling Clementine

·         What is the Pre-Release Version? – a documentary by Robert Gitt, Senior Film Preservation Officer at the UCLA Film and Television Archive, comparing the two versions of My Darling Clementine

·         High Definition digital film transfer of Frontier Marshal, Allan Dwan’s 1939 Wyatt Earp film starring Randolph Scott

·         Two radio plays inspired by Wyatt Earp – a 1947 adaptation of My Darling Clementine starring Henry Fonda as Earp and Richard Conte as Doc Holliday, and a 1949 Hallmark Playhouse production in which Conte played the role of Earp

·         Frontier Marshall Theatrical Trailer



·         Booklet containing new writing on My Darling Clementine by Kim Newman (author of Wild West Movies) and on Frontier Marshal by Glenn Kenny, plus an extensive archive interview with screenwriter Winston Miller, illustrated with original archive stills and posters

mdcbannerAvailable to Order Online Now.

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DirectorJohn Ford
GenreWestern, Drama
StarringHenry Fonda, Linda Darnell, Victor Mature, Cathy Downs, Walter Brennan
Available to buy on : Own My Darling Clementine Limited Edition Steelbook