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Naruto Shippūden Movie 4: The Lost Tower Review****-

Cert 12 | 101 mins | 2014

4 stars for this exciting tale featuring everyone’s favourite Ninja.Naruto 4 cover

Naruto Shippūden Movie 4: The Lost Tower is a stand alone story about our hero Naruto Uzumaki, a young Shinobi from the Hidden Leaf village.

Naruto and his team mates (Yamato, Sakura and Sai) are dispatched to the ruins of Rōran, a once great city, in order to stop Mukade. His goal is to tap into the ley line beneath the city, thus giving himself an almost limitless supply of Chakra with which to power his puppet Jutsu and create an army.

After an explosion at the ley line, Naruto is swallowed by a bright light and when he awakens, finds himself alone and in an unfamiliar place. He spots a young girl, but she runs away and closes the door behind her, leaving him trapped underground. He climbs out only to find himself in a strange city with huge towers, and surrounded by large numbers of puppets.

Naruto 4 dodgingWhile in the city, Naruto meets up with other members of the Hidden Leaf. They tell him that he has traveled back in time 20 years and that Mukade arrived 6 years before. Now the team must work together to defeat Mukade (now Minister Anrokuzan) and save Queen Sāra so that she may help free her people from his evil clutches.

Naruto Shippūden Movie 4: The Lost Tower is beautifully drawn and in true Naruto style is packed full of helpful moral tips on the values of love and friendship.  Naruto 4 puppetsThis is a really good story and great fun to watch. It also introduces some new and quite hair-raising Jutsu, such as the Ninja Art Beetle Sphere, used by Shibi Aburame.

You can choose to watch either in Japanese with English subtitles or dubbed and this release also includes a highly entertaining 14 minute short called Naruto And The Three Wishes, where Naruto and his friends find a Genie in a bottle.

This an excellent film, a must see for fans of Naruto and also works well as a stand alone feature.

Naruto 4 bannerNaruto Shippūden Movie 4: The Lost Tower is available to buy on DVD and Blu-ray from 3rd March 2014.

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