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Ninja: Shadow of a Tear Blu-ray Release Reveiw****-

Cert 15 | 91 mins | 2013

4 Stars of Revenge by Ninja njacover

From the master of fight films Isaac Florentine, (Undisputed 2: Last Man Standing) brings us a man on the path of revenge, with more kicks, punches and sword fight per minute than I can recall, the speed of the fight scenes are amazing to watch and leave you breathless by the end of them.

Revenge is best served by bare feet is my motto for this excellent marshal arts film, seeing the return of Casey Bowman, (Scott Adkins, The Bourne Ultimatum) njalucasrunning his Koga Dojo and demonstrating his Ninjitsu skills with his beautiful wife Namiko, (Mika Hijii, Alien vs Ninja) who is carrying his unborn child.

Happy in love and his life Casey goes shopping for a present for Namiko, he buys her a beautiful “Happiness” pendant, whilst paying for the present he spots two unsavoury types lollygagging outside the shop.

Leaving the shop Casey realises that he is being followed andnjaattack takes evasive action but due to another person he is spotted and the two assailants confront him and he freely offers them his wallet, but they want the expensive pendant as well, but they cannot have it, so they try to take it by knife point.

This is when we get to see the fast and furious fight scenes with the assailants using triple kicks a tell-tale sign of the Dojo they come from, finally defeated he spots an insignia on the hilt of their knives.

He returns to Namiko and during their evening meal he gives her the present, which she loves and the night continues until Namiko wakes Casey with her njawirepregnancy cravings and sends him down the local shop for dark chocolate and seaweed, “Hmm”. Forgetting his wallet he returns home to a nightmare, the place is trashed and Namiko is dead on the floor with strange barbedwire garotte marks around her neck.

The police write it down as a robbery gone wrong but Casey believes an ulterior motive and the revenge starts, as he goes after the men from the triple kick Azuma Dojo, he defeats all at the Dojo and gets the information he needs and the demise of the two assailants is secured.

At Namiko’s funeral an old friend turns up Nakabara,njafuneral (Kane Kosugi, D.O.A. Dead or Alive) and invites him to his Dojo in Thailand to recuperate and find himself again. Whilst there it soon shows that his focus has gone as he lashes out at the other students.

Still plagued by his wife’s murder he finds out about Goro, (Shun Sugata, Kill Bill: Vol 1 & 2) a drug baron in neighbouring Myanmar, (formerly Burma) holed up in his jungle fortress, who it is said that he uses the barbed wire weapon used to kill his wife.

Lightning fast and with deadly force Casey tracks through the jungle to find his mysterious quarry.

Casey must unleash his inner Ninja if he is to defeat his arch nemesis.


Available to Buy on Blu-ray and DVD on the 12th May.

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