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OSAMU TEZUKAS Metropolis limited edition

Cert PG | 110 mins | 2001

5 Star

Innocence, Greed and the World.

This 2001 anime is loosely based on the 1947 manga by Osamu Tezuka which is also loosely based on the famous 1927 silent film. Eureka bring us the new (Limited Edition Dual-Format) SteelBook [Blu-ray] in all its glory. Directed by the legendary Rintaro (Galaxy Express 999), set sometime in the near future but relying heavily on 1920’s technology style, proper steam-punk.

Metropolis is as the name suggests a sprawling city that lives on multi levels with the elite living where the sun shines upon them. It is a time where humans live alongside their robot servants, these robots have taken all the menial and dangerous jobs and the people that used to do those types of jobs have been deposed to the lower level of the city in Zone 1.

The scene opens with a bang, as spectacular fireworks erupt in front of Duke Red’s new multi-scaper the ‘Ziggurat’, a building that he claims will take humans forward into the future and into the skies beyond their own. Duke Red is so prominent that he is the unofficial leader of metropolis.

But during the opening gala a wayward robot disrupts the proceedings which is swiftly executed by Duke Red’s adopted son Rock, a leader of a radical political party called the Marduk, this young that has no problem dealing deadly force against any stray robot.

Duke Red has had dealings with a genius scientist, a Dr Laughton who he has commissioned to secretly make the most life like and advanced robot ever, for him and it is to be his crowning glory for his Ziggurat and resembling his dead daughter Tima, it will mean everything to him.

But new to Metropolis is private detective Shunsaku and his young nephew Kenichi who are also interested in Dr Laughton who is accused of organ trafficking. Rock always seems to be where he is not wanted and he finds himself inside the secret laboratory of Dr Laughton and spies the still inactive Tima and vows that a robot should never overshadow him or be his fathers favourite.

Tthis revulsion leads Rock to shoot the Dr and destroy his lab just as Shunsaku and Kenichi turn up on scene, they are just in time to see people stranded within the lab and they go to the rescue, Shunsaku finding the gravely injured doctor and Kenichi finding a young stranded girl.

Shunsaku and his loaned robot try their best trying to find his nephew as Rock investigates the missing remnants of the robot Tima. He will pursue her to the bitter end as other factions have their sights set much higher. Whilst Duke Red tests his creation on the top of the Ziggurat well out of sight from the ground level.

A great animation style with added cutting edge computer animation this a must see for any anime fan, with cute characters Human and robotic there is something for everyone (apart from peace loving people). The Blu-ray version will be out in March.



· High-definition presentation
· Japanese & English DTS-HD Master Audio soundtracks on the Blu-ray
· Optional English Subtitles | The Making of Osamu Tezuka’s Metropolis – a documentary on the film’s production
· Interviews with the films creators
· Multi-angle animation comparisons
· Original Trailer

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GenreSci-Fi, Drama, Thriller
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