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Paranoia Blu-ray Release Review***--

Cert 12A | 106 mins | 2014

3 Stars of Corporate Cut Throat Action. Or just really annoying people.paracover#

Adam Cassidy (Liam Hemsworth, The Hunger Games) is entry level tech working at Wyatt mobile. He crosses the bridge from Brooklyn to pay the rent and medical insurance for his ailing father Frank, (Richard Dreyfuss, Jaws).

But he finds out that his father isn’t covered when he takes a turn for the worse due to his stubborn nature. With a $40,00 bill that’s not covered, he has to step up his work ethic. After working with his team for the last 6 years they finally paragroupget to make a pitch in front of the big cheese, Nicolas Wyatt (Garry Oldman, The Dark Knight). But due to his inherent stubbornness he tells Mr Wyatt some home truths about his separation from the youth market.

This leads to them being sacked and in a competitive world that’s not good. Taking the blame, Adam says that he’ll treat them all to a night out on the old company expenses credit card.

They party hard through the night, with bonds getting stronger between the group members.

parnicolasBut nothing goes unnoticed and Wyatt sends out his lapdog/hired gun to pick him up. When confronted with his larceny, he offers to pay off the money but is told that it wasn’t a loan and that to avoid prosecution he must do as he is told and go to work for his greatest rival and bitter enemy Jock Goddard, (Harrison Ford, Blade Runner) the man with all the business acumen whilst Wyatt has all the technical skills. With the full backing of the Wyatt corporation Adam is moulded into the very thing he has always wantparjocked to be.

He is living the life he always dreamed of, fast car, nice pad and working in the city working for the top dogs. But it comes at a very dangerous price after meeting with Eicon’s owner Jock. These two ruthless men will stop at nothing to break each other and anything that gets in the way.

And that is the annoying thing about this film, as Adam gets stuck between a rock and a hard pace. Adam wants to be there so you don’t have any sympathy for his character only those that are caught up in the crossfire.

A film for only those into the cut and thrust of a corporate world.

Just remember Dads Know Best.

pardadnsonAvailable to  Buy on DVD and Blu-ray 10th March

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