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Steins; Gate Part 2 DVD and Blu-ray Release Review****-

Cert 15 | 325 mins

4 stars for this excellent Sci-Fi based anime.Steins Gate 2 Cover

This is part 2 of the TV series Steins; Gate and picks the story back up at episode 13 “Metaphysics Necrosis”, just one of many mind-boggling titles to follow.

Our hero Okabe (J. Michael Tatum – Hetalia Axis Powers), a self proclaimed mad scientist and his friends and colleagues Daru and Kurisu (Trina Nishimura – Deadman Wonderland) have finally succeeded in creating a device that is capable of sending messages into the past (D-mails),but in doing so, make some significant changes to the past and attract some very unwelcome attention in the form of SERN, an evil corporation who Okabe suspects of trying to manipulate time to their own ends.okabe

Things suddenly become very real when SERN operatives storm into the secret laboratory and kill Mayuri, an innocent victim and well loved member of the team.

Okabe uses the newly operational time machine to travel back to before Mayuri’s death, but even with the help of Kurisu he finds himself repeatedly unable to change her fate. As Suzuha returns from the future, she brings him a divergence meter in order to track the distance between world lines, as they attempt to obtain an IBN 5100 to hack into SERN and remove Mayuri from their records.

What follows is a fantastic race against time itself as they try to reach the magical 1.0 divergence in order to shift the world lines enough to save Mayuri.Kurisu and Mayuri

Steins; Gate Part 2 is brilliant and will thoroughly appeal to fans of Sci-Fi and anime alike. The animation is very nice, brooding and dark in places, colourful and full of life in others and always packed with atmosphere. There is a great opening theme, “Hacking To The Gate” by Kanako Ito and the music throughout adds to the feel without being intrusive.

The story is very interesting, a great idea and well written and I would certainly recommend this one to anybody who is into their science fiction.

Steins Gate BannerSteins; Gate Part 2 is available to buy now on DVD and Blu-ray.

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