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Suture Blu-ray Review****-

Cert 15 | 96 mins | 1993-5

suturecover4 Star

Stylish and Thought Provoking.

This is the second time writer/directors David Siegel, Scott McGehee (Bee Season) collaborate and they have come up with a stunner. Even though this was released in the 1990’s you feel like you are watching a 1960’s thriller from the likes of classic directors such as Hitchcock (Birds). This film is a study of what makes a man a man, is it his friends, his stature or is is what is in his soul?

suturebrosClay Arlington (Dennis Haysbert, Sin City: A Dame to Kill For) steps off the bus to be met by his brother Vincent Towers (Michael Harris, The Hit List). This is the first time they have met properly, the only other time was at their fathers recent funeral.

The difference between them is that Vincent is extremely wealthy and Carl is from the other side of the tracks to Vincent. But what gets Vincent is how much they look like each other. Vincent takes Carl to his new house and tells him he can clean himself up, so Carl takes a shower. While he is in there, Vincent swaps his drivers licence and credit card for Carl’s then puts out some new clothes for him. He even offers Carl their fathers watch but Carl refuses as suturecarhe doesn’t want to take any handouts. He eventually takes the clothes but he cannot find his St Christopher that he always wears. But that isn’t on Vincent’s mind, he must get to the airport for an unavoidable appointment. He allows Carl who now looks like his twin, to drive his Bentley and tells him he must answer the in-car phone if it rings in case it is important.

suturebandaAfter dropping him off Carl heads back to the big empty house, but while he is on the freeway the phone rings. The next thing we know is that Carl (Vincent) just about survived the explosion but his face is totally destroyed and will have to be rebuilt if he survives.

suturerreneeStep in Dr. Renee Descartes (Mel Harris, Wanted: Dead or Alive) for that job and Dr. Max Shinoda (Sab Shimono, Waterworld) to deal with any psychological problems.

Dr Descartes must find out all about the disfigured Vincent and gets a video cassette of him at a party and all the photos she can before rebuilding his face. The other thing about Vincent is that he is a suturevinrensuspect in his fathers murder and it is Lt. Weismann’s (David Graf, Police Academy) vocation to find Vincent guilty.

This is a great film with super, award winning cinematography (Greg Gardiner, Men in Black II) and the scenes are directed beautifully and will whisk you away to another man’s mind.

Special Features


•        Brand new 4K restoration from the original camera negative

•        High Definition (1080p) and Standard Definition DVD Presentations

•        Optional English subtitles for the deaf and hard-of-hearing

•        Audio commentary with writer-directors David Siegel and Scott McGehee, moderated by Steven Soderbergh

•        Lacerations: The Making of Suture, a new documentary containing interviews with Siegel, McGehee, actors Dennis Haysbert, Mel Harris and Sab Shimono, cinematographer Greg Gardiner, composer Cary Berger, editor Lauren Zuckerman and production designer Kelly McGehee

•        Deleted scenes

•        Birds Past, Siegel & McGehee’s first short film, about two young San Franciscans who journey to Bodega Bay along the path set by Tippi Hedren in Hitchcock’s classic, The Birds

•        US theatrical trailer

•        European theatrical trailer

•        Reversible sleeve featuring original and newly commissioned artwork by maarko phntm

suturebannerAvailable to Order Online Now.

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DirectorDavid Siegel, Scott McGehee
GenreDrama, Thriller
StarringDennis Haysbert, Mel Harris, Sab Shimono, Dina Merrill, Michael Harris
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