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Sword Art Online Part 4 Release Review****-

Cert 15 | 6 x 22 mins | 2014

4 Star conclusion for Kirito and the lost 300 souls.saop4cover

A great end to a great series as Kirito shows us his determined side as he will stop at nothing to log Asuna out of the game, before she is all but married to Sugou; time is running out.

Kirito has to save Asuna from Sugou who has trapped her in a gilded cage at the top of the World Tree in the centre of Alfheim. After deciding not to ally himself with the Salamanders saop4asunaKirito drags Leafa out of the cave to warn the Sylphs and Cait Siths that General Eugene and his Salamander cohorts are going to try and stop them forming an alliance.


General Eugene is considered the strongest player in all Alfheim along with his sword that can phase ethereally therefore bypassing any defences.

Kirito jumps in ahead of the Salamanders and professes to be the ambassador for the Spriggans-Undines alliance, saop4eugeenEugene doesn’t believe any of it and challenges Kirito to survive 30 seconds against him, but Eugene lies and it’s a full on battle to the death, Kirito takes a lot of damage until he uses his head and distracts Eugene and takes the fight to the General.

The fight is over and the General retreats and Kirito has some new allies who helps by giving them a huge amount of money to get new equipment for their assault on the World Tree in a couple of days, but not soon enough for Kirito.


They head for Aron the home of the World Tree, when they enter the inner ring of the city Yui alerts Kirito that she can detect Mummy up there. Quick as a flash Kirito is airborne headed for the top, already knowing that his flight time is not long enough to reach the top, but suddenly he is bouncing back of an invisible barrier put there in the last update to stop anybody reaching the top.

The only way to the top is through the Grand challenge,saop4door through the giant door and up through the core of the tree.

With Asuna doing her bit at the top of the tree, how will Kirito defeat the twisted King of the Fairies.

With the complex story of love, unrequited love, friendship and bloody minded determination.

What is “The Seed” and will the world a better place for it?

I’ve loved this series and am looking forward to the new series just announced.

saop4bannerAvailable to Buy on DVD and Blu-ray on the 31st March.

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